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Mannington Engineered Wood Flooring

by Jeff Hosking – Hosking Hardwood Flooring
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Why choose Mannington hardwood flooring?

Since 1915 it has been clear why Mannington engineered flooring has been the choice of many designers, contractors and architects with the hundreds of trend setting styles, wood species and colors to enhance any homes decor. Mannington hardwood flooring produces some of the very finest engineered flooring available. Mannington wood floors have also won many environmental protection awards protecting forests for future generations.

At Hosking Hardwood Flooring we use our bulk buying to pass our savings to our customers. Hosking Hardwood Flooring only retails 1st Quality Mannington wood flooring.


Mannington hardwood flooring 7-step UltraWear® Plus finish with ScratchResist™ is a polyurethane/aluminum oxide finish that provides unsurpassed protection against normal wear. Each UltraWear® Plus step is an ultraviolet cured process Mannington pioneered. It gives our solvent-free finishes wear-and-scuff-resistance along with depth and clarity you just can't get any other way. Waxing? Polishing? Forget it! ScratchResist™ helps to protect against fine scratches that dull the finish of wood floors. Now available on all Mannington Wood Floors. Mannington engineered wood floors are Formaldehyde Free!

engineered flooring grades Due to using superior quality material and the advanced manufacturing techniques Mannington uses, their flooring is more stable and longer lasting than cheaper engineered floors found in bargain or Liquidator centers. Mannington engineered floors can be installed above or below grade level as long as the subfloor or concrete slab is flat and dry.

Mannington's engineered wood flooring offers several high quality collections:

Mannington (Best) 9/16 inch thick wood flooring offers the consumer the very best in appearance. Easily installed with options of Direct Gluing, Stapling, Or Floating.

Mannington (Best) 3/4 inch thick engineered flooring has a very thick 3 mil wear layer that can be sanded and refinished 3-4 times if it ever had to be. This engineered hardwood flooring can be stapled, nailed, or direct glued.

Mannington (Better) 3/8 inch thick flooring providing great value flooring. Easily installed with options of Direct Gluing, Stapling, Or Floating the flooring over a foam or cork underlayment pad.

Mannington (Good) 3/8 inch thick flooring for the budget minded consumer who still wants a quality wood floor. Easily installed with options of Direct Gluing it Down, Stapling, Or Floating the flooring over a foam or cork underlayment pad.

Mannington also manufactures an Exotic line of wood flooring that contains wood species like Andino Cherry, Bamboo, Amendoim, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Pecan, Tigerwood.

Mannington also produces a Hand Crafted collection that shows true craftsmanship with bringing back the rustic look and feel.

Mannington hardwood flooring

Helpful Tips

If the flooring is going to be Stapled down over a wood subfloor: It is recommended to lay 15 lb black felt paper over the subfloor first to retard any moisture transfer from the subfloor into the wood flooring overlapping the seams by 4-6 inches. The proper flooring nailer used with this flooring is shown here.

If the flooring is going to be Direct Glued down: It is recommended to use the proper adhesive, trowel size and spread rate. We highly recommend that the concrete slab be tested for excessive moisture first by taping 3’ x 3’ pieces of plastic down in several areas first then waiting 48 hours or more to see if condensation builds up under the plastic if condensation is present the excessive moisture problem would have to be corrected first before installing any wood flooring. Moisture emissions can vary at any time during the year.

If the flooring is going to be Floated over a wood subfloor: It is recommended to use the Silent Stride felt underlayment pad or Cork underlayment (shown in the view cart page once a Mannington floor has been chosen).

If the flooring is going to be Floated over a concrete slab: It is recommended laying 4-6 plastic over the concrete slab first, them the Aqua barrier foam pad or Cork underlayment (shown in the view cart page once a Mannington floor has been chosen).

Mannington engineered hardwood flooring

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Mannington Engineered Wood Flooring
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Overall Rating: 2.8 stars - 4 reviews

Date: July 10, 2017
Page Rating: (4.5/5)
I installed 1500 SF of Mannington pre-finished 3/8" engineered wood flooring 10 years ago in a rental home that has seen TONS of wear & tear. Smartest decision I ever made. Scratches? Yes. Some water damage because lazy tenants wont even pick up dropped ice cubes? Yes, but visible only to me. Would I install it again? Yes!
Date: August 5, 2016
Page Rating: (3.0/5)
I really appreciate your articles. Do you sell an engineered floor that can be installed floating and has a 6 mm wear layer?
Date: March 25, 2016
Page Rating: (1.0/5)
cant even give a rating, this floor is terrible and the company is worse . wont honor warranty!!! Do yourself a favor and buy another brand
Date: February 16, 2014
Page Rating: (2.5/5)
Im looking to match existing flooring that appears to be 3 pieces of 2 9/16" wide units forming one plank 7 7/8 inches wide and looks like oak. the total thickness appears to be 3/4" although this may include the vapor barrier and any underlayment (cork etc).

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