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About Luxury Vinyl Tiles

by Jeff Hosking – Hosking Hardwood Flooring
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What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

luxury vinyl tile Looking for an affordable floor covering for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry floor that is comfortable to stand on and durable enough to take the abuse of an active family? Luxury Vinyl Tile is available in hundreds of colors and patterns and many sizes. LVT is resilient and water resistant and a perfect flooring option for your home that can be installed virtually anywhere.

Want to create that special look? LVT can also be mixed with other various colored vinyl tile to create stunning designs, boarders and patterns not found with other floor coverings.

When compared to real ceramic tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile is a lot easier to stand on for extended periods of time. LVT is an easy do-it-yourself installation and very easy to maintain.

Superb wearability

The durable construction of Luxury Vinyl Tile includes protective vinyl wear layers which resists scratches, scuffs, rips, tears and gouges. Generally, the thicker the vinyl is, the longer it's going to last. When compared to traditional sheet vinyl, Vinyl Tile is easier to install and it's much easier to repair if one particular tile is damaged later.



Hundreds of styles and colors

Luxury Vinyl Tile styles range from the look of natural Ceramic tile, Stone, Marble to more creative and artistic patterns. The multitude of Vinyl Tile varieties allows you to really have any look you want for your home or commercial setting. LVT is especially convenient when considering a checkerboard pattern or intermixed with bordering patterns with wood and other floor covering.

Armstrong luxury vinyl tile flooringNew wood plank look

A new introduction to many manufacturers' Vinyl Tile product lines is an offering of Vinyl Planks. Mannington Adura Vinyl Tiles, for example, has the Distinctive Collection. These are 5" by 48" Vinyl Planks, mimicking the look of real wood flooring.

Easy installation

Installing luxury Vinyl tile is easy, you simply pour out some ready mixed adhesive and trowel out a thin layer out onto a section of the subfloor where the tiles are set into the desired pattern. It’s advisable to dry lay, out several rows before starting installation. This will ensure (especially with patterned floors) that the end result will be exactly what you had in mind. Before installation, make sure that your subfloor is clean, flat and smooth. Any imperfections will likely show after the vinyl is installed. With a wood subfloor, fill any nail holes or joints and then lightly sand the spot to make a smooth subfloor.

Would you like a grout line?

Although grouting Vinyl Tile is in no way necessary, for the most realistic tile look, Mannington has introduced Adura Grout for some of their tile collections. Instead of butting the tiles edges tight, you leave a desired gap between the edges of the tile and fill it with a specially designed acrylic grout. No other grout can be used with Vinyl Tiles besides the premixed Adura Grout, as its properties make it flexible and durable enough for Vinyl Tile.

Our customers agree

Overall, Luxury Vinyl Tile is a great value, considerably inexpensive and long lasting as it is not easily damaged.

DO NOT CONFUSE Luxury vinyl tile with that cheap peel and stick variety

The thin, cheap Peel and Stick Vinyl tile that are usually found in Home centers are not the same as Luxury Vinyl Tile and they are not very thick, durable or scratch resistant. The adhesive on these peel and stick vinyl tiles can fail over a short time creating loose tiles.


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About Luxury Vinyl Tiles
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