Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring is the top wood flooring brand in the world, and has had a long reputation among commercial designers for having the most  style diversity. Armstrong wood flooring designs, range and flexibility also satisfies a yearning for a highly personal, custom style flooring for your home. Armstrong's wood flooring patterns and contrasts help define interiors, from traditional to the extravagant.

Armstrong wood flooring Best Collection will give you a more uniform appearance in color with less character. The lower you go within the Armstrong collections the more character you will see. With Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, you’ll find the most amount of character, knots, mineral streaks, pin holes, etc. in their Good Collection. As you step up in grade, the warranties are expanded and grading is enhanced. No manufacturer does a better job to educate consumers than Armstrong Hardwood Flooring.

COLLECTION:  Acrylic Infused Hardwood

Armstrong Hardwood offers a couple collections of engineered flooring featuring super durable Acrylic infusion surfaces, which increases the hardness of a wood species up to 2.5 times. This means more resistance to denting from common residential traffic situations!


Performance Plus is one of the newest innovations from Armstrong, featuring this Acrylic Infused surface. Additional benefits of the Performance Plus collection include Nano Alum-Oxide coating for a more scratch resistance surface, a fully filled face and a click locking installation profile. 3/8" x 5" dimensions, Micro-bevel edges/ends, variety of wood species available (Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Walnut).


Click-Loc Construction:


The Armstrong Flooring Better Collection includes quality products at a more affordable price. These wood floors show some natural character and offer either a 15 Year or 25 Year Residential Finish Warranty, depending on the specific collection.


Solid Wood Construction:

Engineered Wood Construction:


The Armstrong Wood Good Collection of wood flooring (Value series) is the least expensive wood flooring that Armstrong Wood Flooring makes and is for applications where real budgets are in mind. The Armstrong Wood Good Collection may have the most character, color variation from board to board and darker mineral streaks (along with small knots normally found in wood). 


Solid Wood Construction: