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Columbia Hardwood Flooring

Columbia Hardwood Flooring is proud to be building on a rich heritage. A company with a deep sense of pride in craftsmanship, Columbia has been delivering beautiful flooring for years. Today, Columbia offers a hand-selected collection of premium American hardwoods, including character floors with crafted details, domestic exotic floor s and traditional oak floors. Available in the finest flooring styles and most popular stain colors! Look for our Columbia wood flooring review's next to each product style.

All of Columbia Hardwood Flooring is harvested locally, with the environment in mind.

COLLECTION:  Traditional Oak Floors
This solid oak wood flooring from Columbia is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the longevity and beauty of your new floor. Shown here in Adams Oak Wheat.

Solid Wood Construction:
Adams Signature Oak 2-1/4 IN.
Adams Signature Oak 3-1/4 IN.
Adams Signature Oak 5 IN.
Congress Oak 2-1/4 IN.
Congress Oak 3-1/4 IN.
Congress Oak 5 IN.
Thornton Oak 2-1/4 IN.
Thornton Oak 3-1/4 IN.
Engineered Wood Construction:
Augusta Oak 3 IN.
Augusta Oak 5 IN.
Beacon Oak 3 IN.
Beacon Oak 5 IN.
Harrison Oak 3 IN.
Livingston Oak 3 IN.
Livingston Oak 5 IN.
Click-Loc Construction:
Beacon Oak Uniclic 3-1/4 IN.
Beacon Oak Uniclic 5-1/4 IN.

COLLECTION:  Character Floors
The Character Collection from Columbia Hardwood Flooring showcases beautifully antiqued, distressed and hand scraped lines of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. You'll also find country grade lines in this character collection, featuring darker grain patterns, knot holes and more color variation from board to board.

Solid Wood Construction:
Amelia Hand Sculpted Solid 5 IN.
Chatham Time Worn Solid 5 IN.
Claremont Scraped Solid 5 IN.
Pembridge Soft Scraped Solid Random Width
Silverton Country Solid 5 IN.
Engineered Wood Construction:
Amelia Hand Sculpted Engineered 5 IN.
Ashlynn Weathered Engineered 5 IN.
Chatham Time Worn Engineered 5 IN.
Gunnison Soft Scraped Engineered 5 IN.
Pagosa Scraped Engineered 5 IN.
Silverton Country Engineered 5 IN.
Click-Loc Construction:
Gunnison Soft Scraped Uniclic 5-1/4 IN.

COLLECTION:  Domestic Exotic Floors
The Columbia Hardwood Domestic Exotic Flooring collection showcases all the finest engineered and solid products in walnut, cherry, maple, pecan and hickory. You'll also find the coveted Intuition Click Lock line from Columbia in this Domestic Exotic Flooring collection.

Solid Wood Construction:
Beckham Hickory 2-1/4 IN.
Beckham Hickory 3-1/4 IN.
Beckham Hickory 5 IN.
Beckham Maple 2-1/4 IN.
Beckham Maple 3-1/4 IN.
Beckham Maple 5 IN.
Jefferson Maple 2-1/4 IN.
Jefferson Maple 3-1/4 IN.
Monroe Hickory 2-1/4 IN.
Monroe Hickory 3-1/4 IN.
Engineered Wood Construction:
Barton Hickory 3 IN.
Barton Hickory 5 IN.
Chase Hickory 3 IN.
Chase Hickory 5 IN.
Drayton Soft Scrape 5 IN.
Lewis Walnut 3 IN.
Lewis Walnut 5 IN.
Morton Cherry 3 IN.
Morton Cherry 5 IN.
Wilson Maple 3 IN.
Wilson Maple 5 IN.
Click-Loc Construction:
Intuition w/ Uniclic Locking 4 IN.