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Kahrs Wood Flooring

Kahrs Engineered Flooring
produces engineered floors which are primarily installed using the "floating" method. The Kahrs Wood Flooring Original Collection is perfect for this method, with its patented WoodLoc system:

The Kahrs flooring WoodLoc system allows for a glue less click lock installation, quick and simple by simply locking the boards together. The click lock achieved with this system guarantees that the floor stays flat and gaps between boards never appear during seasonal changes.

The Kahrs wood flooring company has been around for over 150 years developing  wood products, and started manufacturing flooring in 1914. Kahrs flooring have been located in Sweden since their start, adhering to strict quality and environmental standards. Kahrs Hardwood Flooring really is one of the top quality manufacturers of engineered floors, as Kahrs superior products clearly show. Look for our Kahrs Hardwood flooring reviews next to each product style. 

For more information on 1-strip, 2-strip and 3-strip longstrip flooring check out our blog post: Longstrip: 1-Strip, 2-Strip, 3-Strip

Questions on Kahrs and formaldehyde? Statement direct from Kahrs:

"Kahrs has never been forced by laws or fads with decisions on how wood flooring is made.  Kahrs was green before it was cool to be green.  We were the first company to stop using solvents in our adhesives and finishes back in the 1980’s.  We also have a large selection of Floor Score certified products and use the much more stringent European standards as our guide.  All of our Formaldehyde testing results, CARB, FloorScore and environmental policies and practices can be found on our website." 

COLLECTION:  Kahrs Original
The Kahrs Original Collection features the glue free Kahrs Woodloc click locking installation system. This WoodLoc will make your wood floor installation quick, easy and glueless. These floors can be installed over Radiant Heat. Choose between 1-strip, 2-strip or 3-strip styles. These are the most popular flooring options from Kahrs.

Click-Loc Construction:
Kahrs 1 Strip
Kahrs 2 Strip
Kahrs 3 Strip
Kahrs Artisan Collection 1-Strip
Kahrs Bayside Collection 1-Strip
Kahrs Craftsman Collection 1-Strip
Kahrs Founders Collection 1-Strip
Kahrs Harmony Collection 2-Strip
Kahrs Harmony Collection 3-Strip
Kahrs Vineyard Collection 1-Strip

COLLECTION:  Kahrs Avanti
The Avanti Collection of 3-strip planks from Kahrs is called the Tres Collection and the 1-strip planks are called the Sonata Collection. Both feature a variety of highly sought after wood species and colors. These click locking planks are suitable for both residential and commercial applications and feature the Kahrs Woodloc joints, making installation quick and simple. These floors will last many, many years and have a wear layer of approximately 2.5mm so they can be sanded and refinished up to two times in the future if ever needed. Avanti planks are constructed of 3 layers -- sawn strip wear layer fused to solid pine strips on a backing of spruce veneer. UV cured polyurethane/acrylic based finish, free from solvents and formaldehyde.

Click-Loc Construction:
Kahrs 1-Strip Sonata Collection
Kahrs 3-Strip Tres Collection

COLLECTION:  Kahrs Supreme
The Supreme Collections from Kahrs offer high attention to detail and unique styles and colors that are harder to find in the marketplace, but allow for a beautiful and unique finished room. Included in the Kahrs Supreme Collection are: The Shine Collection and The Elegance Collection. Shown here in Black Silver from The Shine Collection. 

Click-Loc Construction:
Kahrs 1-Strip Shine Collection 5 IN.
Kahrs 1-Strip Shine Collection 7 IN.

COLLECTION:  Kahrs Spirit Collection
The Kahrs Spirit Collection incorporates their famous WoodLoc click locking installation system into a collection of 1-strip designs in a variety of colors and species. From pure whites to deep blacks and every color in between, there is something for every home in this Spirit Collection.

Click-Loc Construction:
Kahrs 1-Strip Spirit Rugged Collection
Kahrs 1-Strip Spirit Unity Collection

COLLECTION:  Linnea by Kahrs
Beautiful to the eyes, appealing to the touch -- the Kahrs Linnea Collection combines the aesthetic with the practical. The floors are durable, simple to install and easy to maintain. With the Linnea Collection, Kahrs has made beauty more sensible and affordable. From calm to rustic, take your pick from a variety of styles and species. Shown here in Walnut City 1-Strip. Can be installed over radiant heat.

Click-Loc Construction:
Kahrs Living Collection 1-Strip