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Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Mohawk Wood Floors is one of the most recognizable names in the flooring industry, and with good reason! The history of this top flooring manufacturer goes back over 100 years.

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring features a variety of innovations in green initiatives, including using reclaimed wood for use in their engineered flooring collections. This unique process brings magnificent character to Mohawk hardwood selections and help stop unnecessary deforestation.

Mohawks PureBond technology fits well into their environmental commitment by not using formaldehyde during the manufacturing process of their prefinished engineered hardwood flooring, improving air quality and protecting our environment from harmful chemicals is their goal. Mohawk Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology also helps to keep floors cleaner and healthier, stopping most soil, stains and spills from adhering to their wood floors surface.

For quality and a name you can trust choose Mohawk Hardwood Flooring
COLLECTION:  Lineage Collection
Simplicity, durability and style elevate the smooth lines and traditional Oak colors to high art with an array of smooth finishes and light textures.

Solid Wood Construction:
Belle Meade 2-1/4" Wide
Belle Meade 3-1/4" Wide
Belle Meade 5" Wide
Rivermont 2-1/4" Wide
Rivermont 3-1/4" Wide
Rivermont 5" Wide
Rockford 2-1/4" Wide
Rockford 3-1/4" Wide
Rockford 5" Wide
Woodbourne 2-1/4" Wide
Woodbourne 3-1/4" Wide
Engineered Wood Construction:
Forest Oaks 3" Wide
Forest Oaks 5" Wide
Marbury 3" Wide
Oakland 3" Wide
Oakland 5" Wide
Westbrook 3" Wide
Westbrook 5" Wide

COLLECTION:  Revival Collection
Softly wooded landscapes, rolling country estates and classic traditions of elegance converge to inspire an elite collection of textures, tones, grains and hues that evoke the very essence of a well-designed life. This is where you'll find Ash, Maple, Cherry and many more sought after wood species.

In the Revival Collection, you'll also find Mohawk Uniclic products --- boards install in a "snap!"

Solid Wood Construction:
Ashland Ash 5" Wide
Berry Hill Hickory 2-1/4" Wide
Berry Hill Hickory 3-1/4" Wide
Maple Ridge 2-1/4" Wide
Maple Ridge 3-1/4" Wide
Tisdale Cherry 3-1/4" Wide
Tisdale Cherry 5" Wide
Engineered Wood Construction:
Greenbriar 3" Wide
Greenbriar 5" Wide
Mulberry Hill 5" Wide
Mulberry Hill 3" Wide
Staunton Meadows 3" Wide
Staunton Meadows 5" Wide
Tescott w/ Durabeauty 4" Wide
Warrenton 3" Wide
Warrenton 5" Wide
Click-Loc Construction:
Click Lock Arcadia Oak 4" Wide
Click Lock Aria 4" Wide
Click Lock Pastiche Oak 3-1/4" Wide
Click Lock Pastiche Oak 5-1/4" Wide
Click Lock Pembroke 5-1/4" Wide

COLLECTION:  Artiquity Collection
Handworked surface textures and finishes suffuse unique character and artisanal appeal into each natural element.

Engineered Wood Construction:
Brandymill 5" Wide
Brookedale 5" Wide
Greyson Distressed 5" Wide
Henley Soft Scrape 5" Wide
Queenstown 5" Wide
Raschiato 5" Wide
Santa Barbara 5" Wide
Zanzibar 5" Wide
Click-Loc Construction:
Brookedale Uniclic 5-1/4" Wide
Kahala Uniclic 5" Wide

COLLECTION:  Rarity Collection
Old world exploration meets sleek urban lifestyle in this adventurous collection that gathers the world's most exotic species into a global selection of classic yet contemporary shades and textures.

Solid Wood Construction:
Bahia Exotics 3-1/4" Wide
Bahia Exotics 5" Wide
Engineered Wood Construction:
Elysia Exotics 3-1/4" Wide