Vintage Hardwood Flooring

Muskoka Hardwood Flooring will soon be Vintage Flooring.

Over the next few weeks, we will be transitioning Muskoka collection names and stain color names over to the vintage names. Keep in mind, these are the same beautiful colors and constructions as from Muskoka -- just the terminology and brand naming is being changed.

We will also be introducing to our site the new click lock engineered flooring from Vintage.

Muskoka/Vintage is located in the lower northeast region of Canada, and has been associated with producing very high quality prefinished hardwood flooring since 1903. Muskoka/Vintage is known for using the very best northern hardwood species available. These popular hardwood floors are available in a myriad of wood species, stain colors and constructions. All Muskoka/Vintage Hardwood Floors are subjected to the very highest quality standards in the industry and are milled with a tiny "MICRON" beveled edge -- the smallest in the industry. 

The flagship collection from Muskoka/Vintage Hardwood Flooring, their Gallery Collection, is a 3/4 IN. thick solid construction. Their Architectural Collection features their 9/16 IN. thick engineered floors, which boast a 3mm wear layer and a 48% Semi Gloss Finish.

Muskoka/Vintage Flooring also offers a 3/4 IN. thick Solid Sawn Collection which is a structured floor (actually an engineered construction) featuring a sawn face wear layer 4mm thick. This solid sawn collection is approved for installation in virtually any room of the home and can be sanded and refinished as many times as a standard solid hardwood floor. Northern Solid Sawn is also a 3/4 IN. thick structured (engineered) floor and offers multiple surface textures. Most wood species from the Solid Sawn and Northern Solid Sawn collections are approved for installation over radiant heat. The Etched Collections and Wirebrushed Collections feature Muskoka's/Vintage's UV Oil. Learn more here: Muskoka UV Oil - Not Your Average Oiled Floor.

Check out why consumers are loving the new and improved Muskoka/Vintage Hardwood Flooring: The Evolution of Muskoka Flooring


IMPORTANT FOR INSTALLATIONS OVER RADIANT HEAT: Are you planning on installing Muskoka/Vintage Hardwood Flooring over radiant heat? Make sure you're familiar with the Muskoka/Vintage installation guidelines by clicking here. If installation will be over a radiant heating system, Muskoka/Vintage requires the purchase and use of their Radiant Heat Sensors (found in the Accessories section under Muskoka/Vintage products approved for installation over radiant heat). These Radiant Heat Sensors are necessary for warranty validation. Installing a Muskoka/Vintage floor over radiant heat without the use of the Radiant Heat Sensors will void the warranty. We will supply all necessary paperwork for installation over radiant heat once a purchase is made.

COLLECTION:  Pioneered 3/4 IN. Solid Hardwood Collection

The Pioneered Solid Collection from Vintage Hardwood Flooring is a 3/4 IN. thick solid hardwood floor collection featuring a variety of domestic wood species including Ash, Hickory, Maple and Red Oak. Precision milled tongue and grooves mean a perfect fit and the Vintage micron beveled edges and ends are the finest in the industry. Vintage Hardwood Flooring also offers a multitude of stains to choose from in the Pioneered Solid Collection. Choose from a variety of textures: Smooth, Wirebrushed or Etched. 


Solid Wood Construction:

COLLECTION:  U-Loc Click Locking 7/16 IN. Engineered Collection

This is a click lock floating engineered flooring collection from Vintage Hardwood Flooring. It features 3 wood species: Hickory, Maple and Red Oak in a variety of popular stain colors. U-Loc features a 2mm sawn wear layer and an HDF core. Is great for rooms with a Relative Humidity range of 40% to 60%. 25 Year Residential Finish Warranty, 3 Year Commercial Finish Warranty.


Click-Loc Construction:

COLLECTION:  Northern Solid Sawn 3/4 IN. Structured (Engineered)

This exceptional collection of structured (engineered) hardwood flooring from Vintage Hardwood Flooring is like nothing you've seen before. It's perfect for virtually any level of the home and is great for atmospheres within a 25 to 70% humidity range. Northern Solid Sawn features a total thickness of 3/4 IN. and a 4mm wear layer and is also approved for installation over radiant heating systems. Northern Solid Sawn is 100% Canadian made and is created with an amazingly stable quartersawn SPF core


Engineered Wood Construction:

COLLECTION:  Solid Sawn 3/4 IN. Structured (Engineered)

The Solid Sawn collection of structured (engineered) flooring from Vintage Hardwood Flooring is highly sought after for its 3/4 IN. total thickness and its 4mm sawn face wear layer, which is one of the thickest in the industry right now and can be sanded and refinished as many times as a 3/4 IN. solid hardwood. This Solid Sawn product from Vintage Hardwood Flooring can be installed in any level of the home and most wood species can be installed over radiant heat systems. This Solid Sawn Collection is available in a variety of textures: Smooth, Handscraped or Wirebrushed.


Engineered Wood Construction:

COLLECTION:  Crafted 9/16 IN. Engineered Collection

The Crafted Engineered Collection from Vintage Hardwood Flooring is a 9/16 IN. thick engineered floor available in Red Oak or Maple naturals and popular stains colors. The Crafted Engineered Collection is an ideal choice for spaces not suitable for traditional solid hardwood flooring. It features a thicker than average wear layer (approximately 3mm) and can typically be sanded and refinished up to 3 times over the lifetime of the floor.


Engineered Wood Construction: