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Owens Plank Flooring

Owens Plank Flooring
is perhaps at the very high end of the engineered flooring spectrum, available in both unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring. All of their engineered flooring is approved for installation on any level of your home including over radiant heating systems. The Owens Prefinished styles are available in many wood species, colors and sizes. The Owens Unfinished styles offers you the ability to have your flooring contractor stain and refinish your new flooring to obtain that personal color you desire. Both options make it easy to find a floor for every style home.

You will also find the overall lengths of the Owens floorboards to be much longer along with the boards having a much thicker top wear layer than other brands of engineered flooring. Owens engineered flooring has a 3/16 IN. thick sawn wear layer fused to a multi-ply hardwood core for the most stability. This thicker sawn wear layer which is sawn from the log the same way as solid wood flooring allows the flooring to be sanded and refinished 4-6 times if ever needed and last well over 100 years.

Owens flooring does not have to worry about standards for formaldehyde emissions, as they use glues that are formaldehyde-free and the ply layers used in the engineered construction have ultra low emissions. All of the engineered options from Owens are CARB Phase II certified, to protect the air quality of your home.

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COLLECTION:  Prefinished Engineered Plank Collection
Owens Prefinished Plank collection of engineered flooring features longer than average lengths for an engineered construction and a durable finish. The 3/16 IN. thick sawn wear layer on these engineered planks will look and feel exactly like solid wood.

Engineered Wood Construction:
3 IN. Engineered Planks Prefinished
4 IN. Engineered Planks Prefinished
5 IN. Engineered Planks Prefinished

COLLECTION:  Unfinished Engineered Plank Collection
Owens Plank Flooring unfinished engineered flooring is offered in both sawn and quartersawn/rift options and in a wide variety of wood species. The Plankfloor 3/16 IN. wear layer over a 9-ply core results in the look and wearability of a solid wood floor, but with the stability only available in an engineered construction. Lifetime Manufacturing and Structural Warranty.

Engineered Wood Construction:
2-1/4 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished
3 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished
4 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished
5 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished
6 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished
7 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished
8 IN. Engineered Planks Unfinished