Bamboo Hardwoods

Bamboo Hardwoods has been creating beautiful bamboo flooring products since 1995. They have an unwavering commitment to bring high quality, affordable bamboo products to the marketplace and succeed with their four distinctive collections: Arcade, Manor, Suite and Construkt

The Arcade Collection offers an engineered bamboo construction with a UniClic HDF core locking system for ease of installation and a strong lock between planks. Arcade bamboo floors are approved for installation over radiant heating systems

The Manor Collection is a multi-ply engineered bamboo construction with standard tongue and grooves. Manor is also compatible with radiant heating systems

The Suite Collection is 100% solid bamboo throughout with a standard tongue and groove system. This collection can only be glued down to the subfloor and cannot be used with radiant heating systems. 

The above three collections from Bamboo Hardwoods are all strand woven bamboo options, which means they are super durable -- with a Janka hardness rating of over 3000. 

Bamboo Hardwoods also offers a more traditional bamboo flooring visual with their Construkt Collection. Available in Horizontal Grain/Vertical Grain and Blonde/Carbonized options, the Construkt Collection can be nailed, stapled or glued down and is also approved for installation over radiant heat. Hardness rating of 1200-1600.

All Bamboo Hardwoods bamboo flooring collections are finished with a 8 step Treffert Aluminum Oxide finish and use Dynea Prefere Adhesives with no added Urea Formaldehyde. They are all CARB II Compliant and FloorScore Certified.

COLLECTION:  Bamboo Hardwoods Flooring Collections

Choose from four great constructions: Arcade, Manor, Suite or Construkt. Bamboo Hardwoods offer a huge variety of traditional and trendy colors and textures. Order free samples at: Bamboo Hardwoods