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why cork is an environmentally friendly flooring choice

Cork isn't traditionally thought of as a flooring option for homeowners, but in the United States cork flooring is becoming more and more popular as a "Green" flooring option. This is because cork flooring is not produced from the heartwood or sapwood of a tree, but rather from the bark of a tree. Cork Trees are found abroad in countries like Spain and Portugal, harvesting the bark does not at all harm the tree as the tree is able to regrow its bark.

harvesting corkYou might also think that the bark of the cork tree would make too course of a material to manufacturer flooring out of, but after the tree bark is harvested the first time, the new layers of bark that grow are much smoother and are of higher quality.

Aside from environmental benefits of using cork flooring, you'll also find that cork floors are ultra-durable, moisture resistant and a good thermal and sound insulator. Its cushion-like attribute creates a softer surface for accidental falls or when items in your home are dropped. Cork flooring's natural non-slip surface also creates a safer environment. Naturally, cork is hypoallergenic, fire retardant and resists the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Because of cork floors physical attributes, it can be installed in many locations around the home, which is a reason it's becoming more and more popular. Cork floors are able to be installed over radiant heat and is more comfortable to stand on in kitchen settings.

At Hosking Hardwood Flooring, we have chosen WECork flooring as our primary cork flooring brand because of it's commitment to their cork products as well as their history and reputation in the industry of over 100 years. You can find more information about WECork flooring and their cork flooring products by visiting their website at

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Date: February 13, 2016
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Very informative; I learned some new qualities and benefits of cork flooring, and I am thinking about adding into the mix of choices I am considering.
Date: January 25, 2015
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WE live in a doublewide in New Mexico. Our subflooring is water damaged. We live on expanding clay. Would cork or bamboo be a good choice for our floor? Would we need a subflooring as a stabilizer to absorb the fluctuations of our site even though we are on a permanent foundation?

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