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by Jeff Hosking – Hosking Hardwood Flooring
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Laminate Flooring is Tough and Durable

how to clean laminate floorsLaminate flooring is known for being more resistant to scratching, denting and general wear than real hardwood flooring. Even with these ultra-durable properties you still need to maintain your laminate flooring to keep it looking new the longest. Once a laminate floor gets scratched and worn there is no other choice then to replace the damaged laminate board or replace the whole floor. You cannot sand and refinish laminate flooring new again like you can with a real wood floor.

Easy to Care For

Maintaining laminate flooring is easy, you want to vacuum the flooring weekly using a soft brush attachment to prevent it from scratching the flooring and simply spray a mist of the recommended cleaner onto small sections of the flooring at a time and wipe using a Micro-fiber cloth mop or clean dry rag. Avoid the impulse to purchase floor cleaners you see on grocery store shelves as they may be generic products that can harm your particular floor's finish or appearance.

Get the Grit Up

how to clean laminate flooringUse good bristle doormats at all entrances to trap small stones and dirt before it has a chance to get ground into the surface of the finish. If the floor is left unattended grit and dirt will become embedded into the worn unprotected surface of the flooring causing ugly dark areas within the floor. We also highly recommend using Chair Glides to protect your laminate flooring from being scratched by chairs and other furniture using them will also make it very easy to slide out heavy furniture for cleaning. Furniture manufacturers usually only provide cheap undersized casters on their furniture which can cause damage to your Laminate flooring. Although laminate flooring is extremely durable manufacturers do not warranty their flooring against indentations in the surface caused by anything being rolled or dragged over the surface. We would suggest replacing any hard plastic casters with wider rubber casters that will not indent or mar the laminates surface. Spiked/Stiletto heeled shoes can also indent the surface of the flooring.

Wipe Up Spills

Make sure to clean up liquid spills as soon as possible. Even with the super tight seams of today's laminate flooring, standing liquid can seep into the seams of the panels causing delamination and/or cupping of the edges of the boards and discoloration of the flooring itself. Spills should be wiped up right away.



Never Ever

how to clean hardwood floorsNever Use: Water and/or Vinegar, Furniture Polish, Wax-Based products, Detergents, Bleach, Polishes, Oil Soaps, Abrasive products or Acidic materials to clean laminate flooring. These will leave a dull film on the surface of your floor which will be difficult to remove in the future. Never use any abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powders when cleaning your laminate flooring. It is also recommended to never use any kind of mechanical steam cleaner as excessive heat and moisture can cause delamination or other damage to the finish.

At Hosking Hardwood Flooring, we have all the manufacturers' recommended cleaners and mop kits available to make the maintenance chore of cleaning your flooring easy.


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