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Overall Rating: 2.8 stars - 4 reviews

Date: July 10, 2017
Page Rating: (4.5/5)
I installed 1500 SF of Mannington pre-finished 3/8" engineered wood flooring 10 years ago in a rental home that has seen TONS of wear & tear. Smartest decision I ever made. Scratches? Yes. Some water damage because lazy tenants wont even pick up dropped ice cubes? Yes, but visible only to me. Would I install it again? Yes!
Date: August 5, 2016
Page Rating: (3.0/5)
I really appreciate your articles. Do you sell an engineered floor that can be installed floating and has a 6 mm wear layer?
Date: March 25, 2016
Page Rating: (1.0/5)
cant even give a rating, this floor is terrible and the company is worse . wont honor warranty!!! Do yourself a favor and buy another brand
Date: February 16, 2014
Page Rating: (2.5/5)
Im looking to match existing flooring that appears to be 3 pieces of 2 9/16" wide units forming one plank 7 7/8 inches wide and looks like oak. the total thickness appears to be 3/4" although this may include the vapor barrier and any underlayment (cork etc).

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