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handscraped hardwood flooring

This page highlights some of the most popular handscraped wood floor collections offered. Click here to read more about handscraped hardwood flooring.

Handscraped Wood Flooring is becoming more and more popular as homeowners try to replicate the antiqued, worn down, lived in look that just feels so comfortable. There's a certain charm about the texture that exudes warmth and beauty. Scroll through and see for yourself the exquisite visuals of handscraped hardwood flooring.


Anderson Handscraped Bernina Hickory and Bernina Maple

Included in the Anderson Tuftex hardwood catalog is the Bernina Handscraped Collection, featuring both Hickory and Maple wood species. Shown below in Hickory Scalino and under that is Maple Mason. Both these showcase lighter options from the Bernina Handscraped Collections, but there are also some beautiful darker stained options available. 

The Bernina Handscraped Collections feature a beautiful low gloss sheen, a 50 Year Residential warranty and they are approved for installation over radiant heated subfloors. These 1/2 IN. thick engineered planks can go in virtually any room of your home and create a beautiful and comfortable ambiance. Proudly Made in the USA

Vintage Solid Sawn (Engineered) Handscraped


Vintage Hardwood Flooring is one of the premier manufacturers coming out of Canada. They have the quality and the stylistic know-how to create virtually perfect hardwood flooring for the home. Amongst their collections is one called Solid Sawn. Solid Sawn is a "structured" floor, similar to an engineered. However, it holds many advantages over standard engineered products. Solid Sawn has a 3/4 IN. total thickness, a 4mm wear layer and works in a wider range of Relative Humidity (25%-70%). 

As part of their Solid Sawn collection, Vintage Hardwood Flooring offers some beautifully handscraped textures on White Oak. There are a few different widths to choose from as well, including super wide 7 IN. planks.

Check out the different Vintage Hardwood Flooring Solid Sawn Collections here: Solid Sawn

Seen here in White Oak Gotham



Armstrong Hardwood Flooring


Armstrong Hardwood Flooring has been around for years and they offer some of the trendiest options in hardwood flooring, constantly updating their portfolio of hardwood flooring options -- including popular handscraped styles. Above you can see a scene from their American Scrape Collection. The American Scrape Collection offers the beautiful Walnut wood species in a 5-3/4 IN. width. Choose handscraped textures for that perfect cozy ambiance for your home. 


 Johnson Hardwood English Pub Collection Engineered

Johnson has quite a few handscraped hardwood flooring collections in their portfolio, but English Pub is by far their most popular. It features a super wide plank (7-1/2 IN.) and a ton of different stain colors to choose from. English Pub uses Maple and Hickory wood species and the handscraped texture is pretty heavy, resulting in a beautifully antiqued looking visual. Johnson uses an Aluminum Oxide on all their products, for a super durable, beautifully textured English Pub Collection. Shown above in the stain colors Porter and Applejack. Check out the range of colors in English Pub by clicking here.

Somerset Handcrafted Collection

Shown here in the White Oak Royal Brown multi width version, the Somerset Handcrafted Collection has a variety of options when it comes to handscraped hardwood flooring and you can't go wrong with any of them. Choose from 6 IN. wide Maple and Hickory wood species with dark, rich stain color options. Or, go even wider with the 7 IN. White Oak handscraped options. All wood species are also offered in the Somerset Random Width Handscraped Collection, offering widths of 3-1/4 IN., 4 IN. and 5 IN. planks). These handscraped engineered collections offer planks that are 1/2 IN. thick with a nice 3mm wear layer and the Somerset Ultimate UV Cured Aluminum Oxide Urethane for ultimate durability. 



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What does hand scraped mean
Reply by HoskingHardwood : Handscraped means that the manufacturer during the manufacturing process distressed the surface of the wood flooring to make it look older. 
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Very helpful learned a great deal
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Very informative. I now know the difference in the types of flooring.( Hardwood, engineered,) Now I can decide what type of flooring I need. Thank you
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Millstone Hand Scrapped Hickory-Burr Engineered Flooring Hickory-Burr 3 x 3/8 x RL Aluminium Oxide Finish 24 SF Carton need total of 355 sq feet, do you have any?

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