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"Hi Crystal, the flooring got here yesterday and does appear to be in fine shape. I measured the moisture and it seems to be in the expected range. Estes even used a lift truck and was able to put the pallet in the garage and save me the work of hauling it in from the curb like I did a few years ago when I did my downstairs. All the boxes are now upstairs and acclimating. Thanks again to Hosking for the fine service and great prices. The only way to get hardwood floors!"

– Mark, IN

"Hi I bought some nice Anderson flooring from you. My daughter and her husband are looking for a good deal on engineered flooring maybe 2000 square feet, any ideas?"

– Marcia, TX

"Have received my order and wanted to express my extreme gratitude for filling this order. I have searched for over 2 years for a perfect match to the existing flooring I had placed 14 years ago and you guys made it 99.9%.

Will have it down in the next few days but what I have down now matches almost perfectly. So again thank you."

– Nick, SC



"Just wanted to say thank you for the recent order of Anderson Flooring. The process was easy, the product looks great. Haven't put the flooring down yet, so I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks. Overall though, this was a great experience and your prices were fantastic!"

– Jim, IN

"Being a first time homeowner on a tight budget, the pricing here was just too good. I'm really excited to get the flooring in and installed. Thanks again for recommending Mont Royal—without you offering your thoughts on the sale and their maple line, I may very well have been stuck installing carpet instead...yuck."

– Steve, OH

"Diane, I received the flooring on Thursday and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product. This is going to be a beautiful floor. the variations in wood grain are striking. Thank you so much for your great service and quality products. I'll definitely come back to you for future purchases."

– Johnny, AL

"Thank you very much for replacement of the 2 crushed boxes from the original order, but all is well as the last 2 I received are in fine condition. Sorry to have caused you so much trouble for such a small order but your company preformed flawlessly, so no matter what you get my recommendation to anyone who wants it."

– Ralph, PA

"Diane, the flooring was delivered today during the time window they had planned. The driver was very nice and energetic. One box was torn but the wood looked fine. YRC was very pleasant to work with. Thank you for everything."

– Paula, WI

"All of the flooring boards are in great shape without any damage. We are considering ordering the same Homerwood for two more bedrooms in a few months. It was a true pleasure to work with everyone at Hosking Hardwood. Thank you."

– Jim, FL

"Hi Jeff, I just received the new shipment of floor and the color—tone is exactly what I wanted. The white labels were the trick! I wanted to thank you personally and Tom Brown for working so hard on my behalf. The customer service that Hosking Hardwood provided to me restores my faith in American business. I will not hesitate to do business with you in the future. Once again thanks for all your help."

– Paul, MI

"Hi, Our Muskoka hickory hardwood just arrived today and we got a peek at the wood. Wow! It is beautiful looking. Can't wait for it to be installed. Thank you for your great service and information on your site. It helped me feel comfortable buying a product sight unseen. I had never bought something of this value from the internet—it was a good experience all the way around. Again, thanks."

– Jackie, IN

"Hi Diane, I want to thank you for your assistance in exchanging the Bruce flooring recently. I also want to let you know about some issues with the Hickory Smokey Topaz flooring. We have installed it and it does look beautiful. However, there were many many pieces that were not usable except for scrap under the cabinets. Many pieces had holes in them, especially where the knots were. Some we had to use and I will have to buy some kind of filler and hope it looks okay. There were others with damage such as nicks, gauges, rough edges, lack of finish, and other issues. It looks like Bruce needs to improve their quality control department. Although I was able to salvage some pieces for edges, and some for a narrow hallway, I had at least 3 boxes of wood pieces that were unusable. I plan on sharing this information with the Armstrong company. I know that you have recommendations on your website and your customers should know to order quite an excess of this wood in order to account for the unusable pieces. I had planned on doing my bedroom with the same wood, but now am quite hesitant about ordering this again. Again, I thank you for your help with the flooring.

– Barbara, NJ

"We purchased Anderson Virginia Vintage flooring through your website. The product arrived last week and it is perfection. Thank you for communicating the purchasing process so well. Your support both online and by phone were so helpful. We are tremendously happy with this experience and will purchase additional flooring from you in the future."

– Gwen, PA

"Hi Jeff, we received the flooring. The driver was professional, polite, and helped us move the pallets into the garage as it had been raining. We opened one box and it looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it installed. Will let you know how that goes...Thanks."

– Lisa, CA

"Crystal: Thanks! Yes, I got the note from Diane and the carrier call today to setup delivery, tomorrow. Wow! You all work fast. P.S. Thought you might like to know that Lowe's has a 28 day delivery time on this flooring to my local store and they are more expensive. Kind regards and happy holidays."

– Chip, NC

"Hi – Previously I bought Muskoka walnut from you and was delighted with it. Many thanks!"

– Mat, MN

"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your company. We had no problems with the wood. We had ordered last time from another company and had a lot of messed up boards. Thanks."

– Valerie, TN



"Diane, just want to let you know about the flooring. It is presently 10 months later and I was not able to get it installed until this summer (oops!) because of the temperature of the concrete slab and requirements for the glue. However, now that it is laid down, it is beautiful. Further, much of the scrap pieces were left outside until I could haul them off over a month later. During that time, it rained a bunch and was terribly humid. To my delight (so cliche, I know, but very real), the strips did NOT warp or twist or swell. It is an amazing product. That was one of the hopes/expectations I had for choosing the Cikel flooring and it has far exceeded those expectations. I'm also delighted with then finish. Again, with the test pieces and some of the ones installed, ,they have demonstrated terrific resistance to water and other products. This is some pretty tough flooring and gives the home a beautiful 'crafty' style floor—much more traditional to old time wood flooring. Thanks again for the great prices and quality products."

– Pete, SC

"Just had to write and let you know how thankful my husband and I are with the beautiful hardwood flooring that we purchased. You're pricing was excellent and your people's customer service knowledge was superb. Before visiting you, we went to that liquidators store and all they had was cheap junky wood and the people working there had no product knowledge. We are so glad we bought it from your company."

– Angela, FL

"Just received my flooring from Hosking's yesterday. I am totally elated. Packaged very well. We love the flooring. Am waiting on a back order, but so far dealing with you has been very positive. I became aware of your business only from your website, and I was very impressed. Very informative. I still have several rooms in which I will install hardwood flooring and I will definitely use Hosking Flooring again. A great company to deal with. Keep up the great job. Thank you."

– Laurie, MN

"I received my back order on Wednesday, Again, I must compliment you and your company on the way you handled my order. As I said before, ordering over the internet was a new experience for me. Your website is very informative, and I honestly believe that placing my order with your company was easier than going to a local store. My wife and I love our new floor, which we purchased based on your review. I have three more rooms to put flooring in, and I will definitely use your company to purchase the flooring. This couldn't have been easier or more pleasant an experience. Again, thank you, and keep up the great work."

– Steve, MD

"Just wanted you to know that I got in touch with the carrier and will go out tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 18th) on its way here and should arrive ETA 4 to 5 work days. They will phone me once they are ready to deliver the order. Thanks so much for all you have done concerning this order."

– Susan and Don, AZ

"Hi Diane: I just wanted you to know that the shipment arrived last Thursday, May 20, and the trucking company was very helpful in scheduling the delivery. It all arrived in perfect condition, and the wood matches the adjacent room (installed 5 years ago) perfectly. It will be installed this weekend. Thank you again for your assistance. I held my breath as I ordered something this expensive online. It worked great!"

– Alanna, OH

"We purchased hardwood flooring for our last house 2 years ago from a local retailer and we paid 3 times the amount for the same flooring that we just purchased through you guys. Thank you for an honest price and all your help! I am telling everyone I know about Hosking hardwood flooring!"

– Jane, NJ

"Jeff, First of all, I wanted to tell you that the reason I chose to purchase from your company is because of the quality information you have made available on your website. As a computer professional, I try to educate my customers that their websites should be a 24/7 salesperson that answers 99% of the questions they get over the phones. Your site did that. It made my life easier, and I thank you."

– Jamie, IL

"Hi Jeff! My husband is 3/4 of the way through the installation of our wood floor, and we are as happy as we could possibly be! We purchased your Mullican 4" St. Andrews Gunstock Oak. We were conservative and ordered 10+% overage. The product was delivered in just a couple of days, and we couldn't help but open a few boxes to check out the color/grain/finish. We both truly loved the look of the flooring, and could immediately see that the product was exactly as described on your website.

It looks like we will very comfortably have enough materials to finish our project. We look forward to sending you a picture when we are done with the installation!! The next time we (or any friends/family) need flooring, Hosking Hardwood will be the first stop!!

Thank you for answering our questions before we purchased the wood flooring!"

– Bridget, MA

"Hosking's people, While I remember, I want to complement you on your service. I have had some difficulties with online purchases in the past but dealing with you has been a pleasure. I will have no hesitancy to buy from you in the future. If everything proceeds successfully with this installation that should be next year when I plan to refloor another room. Yours will be the name I will reference when flooring comes up. Kudos to you."

– Rich , IL

"I've been meaning to write and will write something more meaningful for you, but we ordered some 650 sq. ft of Muskoka 4" Brazilian Cherry with some nervousness as we couldn't find a distributor in the area. I just wanted to say how wonferful the wood is and how special it came out.

The installer tried to sell us his 'brand' and we are very glad we stuck with your recommendation. He did say it is one of the best installs he's done. There was no waste in the boxes, and now with about 30 sq feet left over, my wife is looking to order more and do some more flooring. You're killing me!!!! (in a good way) Thanks again."

– Dave and Susan, CT

"I purchase the Mannington Heritage floor and was wondering what the resistance is to UV fading? I am going to be putting an area rug on the floor and was worried that the floor would fade around it (like my carpet did). Thanks for your help. I now have 2000 sf of floor purchased from Hosking Hardwood and recommend you to everyone. Thanks again."

– William, MO

"I love my new WeCork floors. I saved over $1,000 ordering from you and the delivery was fast. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful and my emails were answered quickly. Thanks for making this purchase a great experience. (Feel free to use in testimonials!)"

– Susan, MA

" I just received my flooring and it is truly wonderful, My mother purchased her flooring through you guys and she saved a ton of money and she loves it. I wanted to write and tell you that your company is by far the best source for both honest information, quality of product and low prices. I compare the service I received from you to the service I get at, just fantastic!! I am a customer for life. I am spreading the word. Thank you!"

– Susan, MD

"I purchased the White Mountain Brazilian Cherry Flooring in May and finally got it installed the end of August. My installer was very impressed with the flooring and said as soon as he saw the flooring, this is high dollar and good flooring. I had installed it in my kitchen, it is beautiful and everyone comments how beautiful the floor is. Will definitely buy from your company again. Best flooring site for quality, price, and customer satisfaction."

– Pat, VA

"I placed an order with you on Tuesday 10/13. 1200 sq ft of Bruce Liberty Plains flooring was delivered to my house on Friday 10/16. So far, I have been VERY IMPRESSED with the flooring (most is still sitting in the boxes adjusting to my homes climate.) Shipping was very fast and the order placement was very easy. I talked to Crystal a few times before placing the order to as questions and she was very able to answer all my questions. Your prices are reasonable and I would definitely suggest you to others. I hope the finish product is as good as with what I am seeing now. Thanks!"

– Dave, NJ

"I wanted to write and voice my appreciation as I am a high end remodeler who works with very high end clients. I tried purchasing flooring from other online dealers over the years and I always had a problem with either getting the correct information or getting a quality product. This is my 6th order from Hosking Hardwood and you have saved me thousands of dollars and provided us with a very timely deliveries and excellent flooring. Keep up the good work! Thank you."

–Steve, NYC

"We were real happy with the Bruce Dundee Strip flooring, not a lot of bad boards and the contractor said it was one of the best he's seen. Thanks again."

– Marvin G, PA

"Did get my floors last Friday, thanks they look great. Have a few friends that will be buying floors from you. Thanks again."

– Phil F. IL

"I ordered flooring for my home from you several years ago and I love it. I admire my beautiful floors every day. Now I am looking for flooring for my retirement home closer to my son. When money is available the first improvement I hope to make is to install your flooring. I will be in touch when I get ready for flooring in my new home."

– Joyce, FL

"Hi Diane, I am back in touch with you again. My Sister Anita is going to call you to purchase some bamboo floor for her house. Please give her the same attention you have given to me. I know I can count on you. My wood floor is so beautiful that it is a very good fact about your company. Thank you so much."

– Isabelle, CA

"Dear Mr. Hosking, I just had to write and let you know how much you and your company have meant to us. After shopping locally my husband and I decided that we could not afford the flooring we wanted and were going to put our wood flooring project off. But then a neighbor who had purchased their flooring from you told us we have to contact you. It was one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had. Your customer service people and pricing was simply outstanding and you made it affordable even in the tight economy we are in. I am so glad that we bumped into our neighbor who referred us to you. The Muskoka Floors are beautiful Thank You so much."

– Ed and Eleanor, MI

"Hi Jeff, thank you for your response. I was pleasantly surprised to see That the president of the company responded to my e-mail. For your information, I reviewed websites about ordering online and your company Had the best reviews of anybody. In fact, I could save another 85 dollars Going with somebody else online but based upon the reviews and your e-mail, I am definitely buying from you. I'm just trying to do everything right the first time so price isn't an issue, I just want to know what you think because I value your opinion. Just to let you know I ordered the Quick Step Laminate – The Elegance collection with the 4" boards."

– AL, PA

"I don't have a question. I purchased some 3/4 inch Oak Gunstock White Mountain Flooring from you two years ago. Due to circumstances, we just started laying the flooring. We are so impressed! In a total of 10 boxes we only found 3 boards with any faults. After installing a hardwood floor in my mothers home using an expensive top of the line Bellawood flooring we found over a full carton of bad boards. I need to compliment you for your rating system, the excellent quality, and the great price. I will highly recommend you to anyone in the future. My floors are beautiful."

– Verna, KS

"We recently ordered over 1600 SF of Mannington Wood Floors from your company. We have received the flooring without any problems and are very pleased. Everyone on your staff that we talked to was helpful and friendly, and the flooring is just beautiful. The freight company that delivered it was friendly and helpful and managed to get it here unharmed. (We live in Louisiana—that's a long way from Boston!) We are so pleased with our experience that we've told everyone else about it, and now my brother in North Carolina in getting ready to place an order. Thanks for a great experience."

– Bob and Jodie, Louisiana

"I recently purchased your white mountain oak flooring from you and it is now installed and looks beautiful. Looking on your site for a cleaner, I notice that you stock Bona Kemi. Is this a good cleaner to use on my hardwood flooring?"

– Gary, NH

"I just installed your White Mountain Brazilian Cherry floor and love it, Thanks for the great product. What I was wondering is if you offer a touch up kit or can recommend a good touch up kit for the eventual dings."

– Richard, PA

"Thanks Jeff, that answered my questions, and I was able to make the final decision and place the order! Thanks for all of your help!"

– Bridget, MA

"I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted. I just unloaded the truck – everything looks great. I cant believe my order came in less than a week. You saved me lots of money."

– Doug, NY

"Please forward this note of our appreciation to Jeff Hosking and his whole staff for our gratitude for their help with our wood flooring order. I do not know what we would have done as we live in a rural area in Nebraska where there are no flooring stores near us for a 100 miles. We never even had to leave our home. Fred and I want to to also mention how wonderful your website is and the great pricing we got on our beautiful wide plank floors. Thank you all so much you made us both extremely happy! if you need to use us for any referrals do not hesitate to have them call us."

– Fred and Joslin, NE

"Hi Jeff...Dave here. Just got back from Florida and wanted to let you know that all 1700 SF of the Kahrs has been installed and is beautiful. Product arrived on time and took over 1 1/2 hours to unload...nice workout... The builder of my house came over after install and just could not believe the product, he and I both took pictures. Anyway thanks and hopefully there will be more to come your way"


– Dave, MA

"Thank you Cindy. I placed my order online. This product has been very difficult to find since being discontinued in August of 2009. Appreciate the help."

– Kevin, CA

"Finally a company that lives up to their name!!! Mickey thank you so much for all your help, I am sending everyone I know to Hosking hardwood. The Muskoka flooring is wonderful you saved my husband and I a ton of money and made our home beautiful again. Thank You!"

– Susan, WI

"My wife and I have been looking for Bruce Hardwood Flooring and did our homework. Your prices were excellent and we thank you for the quality service we received and the great price which beat our local dealer by $1,600.00. That’s a lot of money you saved us! We just love the new floors and are recommending Hosking Hardwood Flooring to all our friends."

– Brent, IL

"Thanks for the great service! Flooring looks great."

– Eric, MO

"Frankly I am disappointed in Hosking Hardwood Flooring for not allowing me to be able to return several moldings that my wife and I did not like that came with the flooring. Your reason of them being cut by the contractor who was going to install them still does not regard the fact that these moldings did not match the flooring that I received. We are not happy campers."

– Bill, NJ

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Lauzon flooring we just finished installing. This was BY FAR the easiest wood flooring we have ever installed. This wood was so perfect, we had a full 100 s.f. of wood left over from the job (3,800 s.f.) which will will use upstairs. The number of unusable pieces was less than ten over the 38 boxes we opened! The Hoskings service was exceptional in helping to sort out the various molding needs. Thanks for everything!"

– Lisa, VA

"Mickey, the Mannington floor has been installed (except for the t–mold) and it looks great. The installers said it was a great product to install. I plan to send photos. Thanks to Hoskings and Mannington for an outstanding product!"

– Tim, MS

"Dear Hosking Hardwood Crew, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for your great service on my recent flooring purchase. We finally got the flooring down and we think it looks great. I have attached a picture of part of the floor. Everything went very smoothly thanks in large part to your help with our technical questions. In all we installed just under 1100 square feet. The Anderson Rhino Tuff maple planks were beautiful and were perfectly milled. We had almost zero waste."

– Brad, CA

"Hi...The next morning after my e–mail, I actually heard from the carrier. The flooring arrived that same day! WOW! Such fast shipping. Everything looks great. We will use Hosking again in the future when we re–do our lower level!, Thanks again."

– Elizabeth, MI

"I am installing the flooring I purchased from Hosking and its GREAT! However, I don't exactly know how to install it under the existing kitchen counter toe kicks. Any advice on this?"

– Charles, KY

"I just wanted to let you know the wood was delivered two days ago. I want to thank you for holding my order for awhile. Our house project is a little behind schedule, but we expect to install the wood floors within the next two weeks. So I am very excited to see how it turns out. Thank you for working with us on this order. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Hosking Hardwood to my friends. Thanks."

– Brad, FL

"Very pleased with my flooring purchase. The order arrived within the time frame. Small problem with the molding, however it did arrive a few days later. Thanks Karen for tracking it down!"

– Greg, CA

"Keep up the good work—great company—must be due to great people!!"

– Neil, IL

"Thank you so much for your help—I placed my order this afternoon. I don't know where we would be with our home remodel without your company. Local flooring stores treated us as if we were simply a bother. My first, and last, words to them were that I wanted a good product and I wanted a deal! We will be back."

– Alan, MI

"Thanks so much! I love my floor!"

– Raymond, MD

"We wanted to take a moment & thank you for your outstanding service, pricing & delivery. As we mentioned when placing the order, we had a very bad experience with another internet flooring company. After being promised 5–7 day delivery, we finally gave up after many unanswered phone calls & waiting almost 8 weeks.

We are extremely pleased with our flooring. Your customer service representative was excellent, your pricing was competitive & we received our order exactly when you said it would arrive. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference for future customers who may be hesitant after having a similar bad experience with other internet vendors."

– Bob, FL

"Just FYI, it's been a pleasure dealing with Hosking. At our previous home in Massachusetts, we replaced carpet with hardwood upstairs and in the great room. The flooring (Muskoka oak and maple) was from Hosking and we were extremely pleased with both the quality and price. We moved to Virgina two years ago and have just taken on a similar project. After shopping around locally, we found that Hosking beat all the local shops for price by an average of $1.25/square foot for a similar quality flooring—that included shipping. That saved us roughly $1,500. and once again the quality was great. Thanks Again."

– Dean, VA

"Good Morning, I just wanted to relate to you that we were very impressed with the quality of your 'distinctive' wood flooring. We recently completed the installation and our contractor said it was some of the nicest flooring material he had ever worked with. The cartons were packaged nicely and there were hardly any defective or "waste" pieces that had to be discarded. The sections fit together as they should have so that the installation was easily accomplished. We feel that this flooring represents an excellent value for the price we paid and we would not hesitate to recommend it or use it again. Thank you."

– Gary, MD

"Wow! What great service and handling to get our flooring here so quickly. Looks great and thank you again for the great service all of you have rendered with our order. If anyone needs any flooring I will highly recommend you guys!!"

– Walter, MS

"Your company has been more helpful than anyone I have talked with. Either no one knows this information, or they are afraid to talk about it. That goes a long way for me."

– Bill, IL

"Jeff – The flooring showed up here Tuesday, Sept 2 at the same time our foam insulation was being sprayed. Talk about busy! But we got it all unloaded and its stacked up in our dining room. Thats some amazing turnaround on getting it down here, since I think we ordered Aug 28. that really worked out well for us. Haven't got a chance to dig into the floor yet, but we laid out a box up in the hallway and Nancy loves it. I think the 3.25" was the right choice. Thanks again for your great service!"

– Ben and Nancy, IL

"Crystal, you are a delight! Thank you so much for this tip—I had NO idea Alloc was offering a rebate. I had done my research on this floor last fall, and didn't even look at their website again when I made the order from you, because I already new exactly what I wanted and didn't need to do further research. We are thrilled with the floor. Everyone who's seen it thinks it's some fancy, expensive slate or tile, and marvels at the incredibly straight and even grout lines. It truly looks like a much more expensive floor than it is. And I am anticipating that it will still look this fantastic for many, many years.Thanks much."

– Mary, GA

"I wanted to thank you and your company for your assistance in the purchase of our hardwood flooring. The delivery went smoothly and we are well into the installation ourselves and it has gone very well. Thanks again."

– Jim, NC

"We would like to thank all of you at for the great service. You all get a 5 star. The truck driver that delivered the material and put it in my house gets 5 star. We love our new Lancaster oak floors."

– John and Myra, MA

"Diane, Thanks again for the CM733 flooring—I couldn't be happier...the shipper even brought it (21 cartons/on a pallet) into my garage...WOW!!!"

– Scott, CA

"Diane and Mickey, thank you both for processing my most resent order so efficiently and quickly. You both are so great. Again thank you.

– Ying, CA

"I purchased Mannington Blue Ridge Hickory (spice) wood and stair nose from you last year. I am short 2 pieces of stair nose to complete my stairs. How can I order these 2 pieces from you? Please let me know as soon as possible so I can let my handyman know when he can complete the job. Thanks for the wood!!!! We love it and so does everyone else!"

– Cathy, CA

"I am sorry I forgot to send an update. We received the flooring. It's installed and BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much! If there is a place to post a positive feedback for you, let me know, I'd be happy to contribute. We love it and the price was great."

– Trish, IN

"Hi Jeff...Many Thanks...Glad to do business with you...I guess my nephew Bryan is going to be ordering from you also."

– Dave, FL

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this purchase was for us. We ordered it on Sunday and had it on Tuesday. We were in shock at how quick and efficient you were. This by far was the best company we have dealt with so far. I wish all companies were this great. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much."

– Jim and Anita, FL

"Crystal, thank you so much for your email advising of the rebate offer. This is the first I have heard about it. My floors are beautiful and are so easy to care for. I just use a dry dust mop. I will recommend this product to my friends. I also purchased cleaner for any stains that might occur. I know we will enjoy years of use of this flooring."

– Mary, MA

"So often, knowledgeable and friendly help is hard to come by. The wood was delivered without any problems. Thank you so very much."

– Judy, OH

"I received the stair nosing and the replacement moldings today. All is perfect. Thank you. You have a fantastic organization that I would be happy to do business with again and certainly will recommend to all in the future."

– David, FL

"Thanks for all your help with the ordering and delivery of our wood. You followed up the order, found me a quicker supplier and processed my order and had it brought right to my front door. Thanks again, you did a great job. Keep up the great customer care!"

– Beverly, FL

"My floor turned out wonderful. It was a wonderful 'do it yourself' project."

– Pam, IA

"Diane, Received my flooring today and everything looks great. No shipping damage and the trucking company was excellent to work with. Thanks very much and have a great New Year."

– Gene, IL

"Thanks for the speedy delivery and superior product—our installer said they were the prettiest prefinished floors he has installed."

– Judy, TN

"Thank you, you have been wonderful with your efficient follow up. Its really refreshing to work with a company like yours. We are looking forward to having our beautiful new floors installed.

– Carol, IL

"Being that I received the floor materials today—great delivery time—was wondering about the bar which I ordered. Will it be shipping soon? Although this is my first use of your organization, I have shared my experience (thus far) with friends on the same path as myself. I thank you again for the guidance and I may be back with more inquiries—thank you for being there."

– Larry, TX

"Thanks for your help. I am a homeowner who found your website and wants to thank you for the education on hardwood floors."

– Dan, MO

"I have installed my Brazilian Cherry floor and have been extremely happy with my experience with Hosking Hardwood. I have been recommending your company to my friends that have been thinking about a hardwood floor."

– John, PA

"Your delivery service for my hardwood was EXCELLENT!!"

– Natalie, MD

"Thank you. This is the second time we ordered with your company and it has been a great experience. We have asked to have the wood held until the beginning of October as it won't be put down until probably end of October. Can't wait to see it in the new kitchen."

– Heather, NJ

"The floor looks great. It is very nice."

– Jerry, WV

"I want to say that I love your website. It is the only site that I was able to find someone's true and valid opinion on flooring and the differences between types."

– Nadine, VA

"The trucking company, YRC Shipping, and the driver himself were very good. If I were to do floors again I would call your company again."

– Carl, FT Myers FL

"Thank you very much, I recently recommended your internet page to a coworker and he was delighted with his purchase of bamboo flooring."

– David, MA

"I love your website. It is very thorough!"

– Jody, CT

"The installation looks great, my wife is real happy and it was easier than I thought. Thanks again and I would definitely recommend ordering from you."

– Rich, NY

"We were more than pleased with our flooring, and it certainly gets a lot of attention from visitors. Thanks!"

– Kevin, IL

"Your no–nonsense, straight–forward, honest information on your website is a Godsend. I was so glad to find it. Thank you for all of the great information, as well as for your help and your expert assistance!"

– Kay, TX

"I ordered from Hosking Hardwood because of your wholesale pricing which I was told is the best. I was 100% confident ordering the flooring from Hosking. Your service has been 1st class from your email, phone conversations, my ordering calls, and the great delivery people. My floor was installed yesterday and it looks great—no issues. Thanks and I will definitely be ordering from you again."

– Michael, NJ

"THANK YOU so very much for your informative website. My husband and I didn't know enough to make an informed decision, but several hours with your website have been extremely informative."

– Sandra, FL

"Great product! Thanks."

– Duggan, NJ

"Hi Diane, I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for taking care of this order so quickly. I called the freight company first thing this morning and I arranged for delivery this Friday. The floor will be delivered and installed in time for an important party at our house Sunday.Thank you again so much. Its people like you who go the extra mile that make ordering products like this easier! I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone who is in the market for flooring."

– Sheryl, IL

"Received the flooring yesterday. All is good. Roadway trucking was great and the driver was very helpful in getting 25 boxes up the driveway and into the house."

– Anthony, NJ


– Danielle, CA

"I want to thank you for all your information. If a company spends that amount of money on a website like your company did, it has to be legit. Your website was first class. Again, thanks for all your help. I certainly will be recommending your website."

– Rosemarie, GA

"My wife and I felt it necessary to thank you for your professionalism in dealing with us. You guys were very patient with us and we saved a lot of money going through you. Our order came in about one day and it was in perfect condition, ready to go and it looks wonderful. I just placed another order and will continue to order from you guys. I will recommend you folks to friends and family! Again, thank you for everything."

– Al and Sheryl, PA

"I recently bought some Kahrs wood flooring from you folks, it went in easily and looks great, by the way each board was perfect!"

– Mark, MN

"We have ordered a number of floors from you and we like your service."

– Mark, DE

"Our samples came yesterday. My wife called me at work and said that they looked great, so much so that she wanted to do another room in that wood."

– Allen, MN

"Beth and I want to thank you for our flooring order, it looks gorgeous, but...we have one complain about the time it took to receive our moldings. Our flooring contractor could not finish his work without them and it took two additional weeks to get them. Why did it take so long to get them to us?"

– Tom, AZ

"Thank you so much. It is so nice in this day and age to find people who really care about the customer."

– Allen, MN

"I purchased flooring from you to do the upstairs of our new house and the floors are beautiful. I will be ordering more."

– Ronald, NY

"Your staff offers the perfect combination of wit, charm and professionalism. That, combined with your companys process of confirmation through email made the whole event worth writing about."

– John, CT

"We received our floor and it looks wonderful! Thank you for a good experience!"

– Don and Tammy, MD

"Diane, I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to place a flooring order with Mickey. She was polite and extremely patient."

– Patricia, CT

"I have used Hosking Hardwood and have had great luck."

– Sean, RI

"I appreciate the great customer service and look forward to receiving the floors."

– Jose, NY

"I am happy to say even though I did find about 4 damaged pieces that I will patch with filler I am happy with the flooring. It is easy to install, the edges are precise so you do not see the joints. Very impressive. Thanks."

–Steve, CA

"Thank you – I love my floors!"

– Kari, MI

"Thank you for the prompt service. I can’t wait to install my flooring. Thanks."

– Renee, FL

"The shipment was delivered yesterday, in good order. Thank you very much."

– Shirley, TX

"My order arrived today! I can't thank you enough! From start to finish this has been incredibly smooth. Why cant everyone do business like this? Im so happy this was so easy you have no idea! Not to mention we saved a great deal of money. I have more floors to order, and I look forward to doing business with you again."

– Dave, NC

"I received my order yesterday and the flooring was in excellent condition. I found Hosking Hardwood to have the best prices anywhere and found the information on the website very valuable. Thank you."

– Spencer, IL

"I have referred 3 of my customers to your site in the past year and they were all happy with the service. Thanks."

– Mike, RI

"Thank you for your prompt reply. Once again (this is my second order with you) excellent service."

– Dave, MD

"I received my shipment on the third day after I ordered it! Fantastic service. There have been NO defects, the installation is going well, and the flooring is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much."

– John, FL

"The wood is beautiful and I LOVE your company's website. I have been talking about you guys since my friend turned me on to you. Thanks again for such a great place to buy such wonderful flooring."

– Nicole, MA

"Thank you for my flooring order. My order was placed, shipped and delivered to my house in 6 days and the installer is finishing up right now. I checked out other places and most didnt even have stock and gave me a 4 week delivery time. I am very satisfied with your service and price."

– Vince, FL

"My experience purchasing hardwood flooring from your company was wonderful! I ordered online, confirmed my order with customer service, and received the flooring in less than a week. I have started to install the flooring, and it looks great! Your instructional video gave me some good tips that made the installation easier. Thank you for making this purchase and project much more pleasant than I had expected. I will recommend you to anyone who is interested in purchasing wood flooring."

– Phil, FL

"Thanks for your supreme level of customer service."

– Edward, OH

"I really appreciate your help. Your Website has great prices and I expect to be shopping with your company again in the future."

– Greg, TN

"I just wanted to compliment you on the website—from a usability perspective it ranks with the best that Ive seen on the subject of wood."

– Julie, MI

"We have been very pleased with the service you provided in getting the flooring to us within one week as promised. The delivery arrived when expected with no damage. We are also very pleased with the flooring and installation advice we have received. You had the best price and I feel that we have received excellent service. Thank you."

– Nancy, FL

"We just wanted to let you know how elated we have been with Hosking Hardwood’s service and value. We will definitely buy more products from Hosking Hardwood and we will be recommending you to several of our friends and relatives who are also looking for flooring. We had heard horror stories about ordering flooring online—Hosking Hardwood puts all of those myths to bed (I am sure there are some companies you have to look out for—Hosking Hardwood is not one of them). With the money we saved at Hosking Hardwood we will be able to put wood flooring in our dining room as well! The floor is beautiful and the delivery was first rate. Please keep conducting business in the same great manner!"

– Brian, CT

"I just want to say thank you. The floor was installed last week and it looks beautiful."

– Bruce, NV

"I want to commend you and your personnel on the quality of the material received, the way the order was processed, how helpful your sales people were, and your willingness to answer questions. We are very pleased with the finished product. Thank you. We will recommend you to anyone who asks us about our floor."

– Cal, IA

"Our flooring has been laid and is beautiful. Thanks for the speedy delivery also."

– Donna, TN

"I put down my engineered wood this weekend and it looks great. Thanks for your great service on the order."

– Glenn, MS

"I have installed the flooring and it looks spectacular! You were so helpful when I ordered it. Thanks."

– Howard, NY

"Thank you so much for all the information. It is extremely helpful. Your prices are fantastic! I will be ordering all my materials from you. Thanks again!"

– Ellen, VA

"I am pleased with the web design, the pricing, and the quick responses from you."

– Howard, NY

"I love my new flooring. Thank you."

– Shelby, SC

"I watched one of your videos on installing wood flooring, and it was very well done. I appreciate all of your information and your website. Keep up the good work."

– Fisher, AZ

"Ive had two great experiences with your company. In both of my purchases through, the flooring was always received in mint condition. This shows that is a solid company and will stand behind a customer. You're doing something right. Thanks so much!"

– Bridget, VA

"I am going to recommend your company to my friends, I ordered yesterday and it was here in less than 24 hours. Thanks very much!"

– James, CT

"I have visited many websites for flooring. Your website turned out to be the most user friendly. Everything I needed was there; from product to delivery. Thanks."

– George, GA

"Hi! We had purchased some Bruce Flooring from you a bit ago and we love it!!. Thanks so much!"

– Tammy, MD

"Jeff, Your people took care of me and were very helpful. Also, my wife likes the new floor so much she is insisting I do the hall also. Thanks!"

– Ed, SC

"Flooring arrived in good shape. Thank you for your good service. I will keep you in mind in future orders and will recommend you to my friends."

– John, NJ

"I am very happy with my purchase and Hosking Hardwood. Thank you!"

– Howard, MA

"Thanks so much!! You have great customer service!"

– Kristi, CO

"We ordered Mannington engineered hardwood flooring from you and we're very pleased with the product."

– Sara, UT

"Just a short note of appreciation to let you know how happy Mary and I are with our new flooring. I was very hesitant in ordering such a large monetary amount over the internet but after reading about you and checking your company out online we found your company to be very trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable, plus you saved us a lot of money. Now I know why you have been in business for over 70 years. I also appreciate your patience with me as I have a tendency to be demanding. Thank You!"

– Mary and Bill, NJ

"My neighbor installs wood floors and told me they use a felt algicide pad with a moisture barrier on the top of it in conjunction with the wood floors. It sounds like an easier way than glue, any advice, can I purchase it with my order, I did not see it anywhere? I'd ask my neighbor but he is now ticked off that I'm not giving his place the business. thank god for places like you guys. Saving a ton of money. Thank you."

–Todd, AZ

"Thanks. Yes, I think it is Strand bamboo. It looks more like a traditional floor then regular bamboo. I'll check out your links. I bought my last flooring from you guys. Great pricing!"

– John, MA

"THANK YOU!!! I am a small business guy, and I know a great operation when I run into one. You are to be congratulated. I spoke on the phone the other day with a wonderful woman (sorry, didn't get the name) who was incredibly helpful and then to get such a timely response to an email question—amazing! I will certainly refer all my DIY friends to you."

– Darren, VA

"I just received my Bruce wood flooring today. I love it, can't wait to get it down. Roadway was great, too. My question is I was told that I should have got a repair kit with my purchase. Is this so? Thank you again. I have passed your name to my customer and so far I am a very happy customer."

– Deborah, FL

"Two things. First, your service delivery was excellent. The flooring arrived in great condition and on time. I was very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend Hosking to my friends. Second, I was wondering how long I need to acclimate the flooring before installation? The instructions were somewhat confusing. I bought BR111 triangulo 3/8 inch Amendoin engineered wood. Thanks."

– Paul, TX

"Hello, I purchased the Scandian Timborana clic n lock and love it in my new condo! Now I am thinking of installing more in an enclosed lanai."

– Heidi, CO

"I love the red oak flooring that I bought from you almost four years ago.Do you happen to know the best way to clean/disinfect it? I have been using a mild mixture of Palmolive dish detergent solution, and it still looks new, but I want to make sure that that is the best care for it. Thanks."

– Lin, NJ

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My 12K Adura plank Burma Teak floor is ugly. Does not lay flat, bumps & dimples, never looks clean, water marks, worst floor i ever had. Would not recommend.

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