Bruce Natural Choice Oak 5/16 IN. 2-1/4 IN. by Bruce Hardwood Flooring

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Bruce Natural Choice Oak 5/16 IN. 2-1/4 IN. by Bruce Hardwood Flooring
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SERIES NAME: Bruce Natural Choice Oak 5/16 IN. 2-1/4 IN.
DIMENSION: 5/16 IN. x 2-1/4 IN. 12-84 IN. Random Lengths
WARRANTY: 25 Year Residential Finish Warranty, Lifetime Structural Warranty
EDGE PROFILE: Square Edges/Ends?
WHERE INSTALL: Above/On Ground Levels
The 2-1/4 IN. wide x 5/16 IN. thick construction features square edges and ends. The low profile is perfect for going over most other flooring to keep heights at a minimum. Dura-Luster Plus Finish. Glue Down or Staple Down.


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Red Oak Natural

Hardwood Flooring C5010

Red Oak Gunstock

Hardwood Flooring C5011

White Oak Spice

Hardwood Flooring C5012

Red Oak Mellow

Hardwood Flooring C5014

Red Oak Butterscotch

Hardwood Flooring C5016

White Oak Cherry

Hardwood Flooring C5028

White Oak Walnut

Hardwood Flooring C5031

White Oak Amber

Hardwood Flooring C5060

White Oak Desert Natural

Hardwood Flooring C5061

White Oak Sierra

Hardwood Flooring C5062

White Oak Butter Rum/Toffee

Hardwood Flooring C5216

Red Oak Natural Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5010LG

Red Oak Gunstock Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5011LG

White Oak Spice Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5012LG

Red Oak Mellow Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5014LG

White Oak Butter Rum/Toffee Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5216LG

White Oak Cherry Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5028LG

White Oak Walnut Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5031LG

White Oak Desert Natural Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5061LG

White Oak Sierra Low Gloss

Hardwood Flooring C5062LG

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