Maple Engineered 5-3/16 IN. (Micro-V) by Lauzon Wood Floors

Maple Engineered 5-3/16 IN. (Micro-V) by Lauzon Wood Floors
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SERIES NAME: Maple Engineered 5-3/16 IN. (Micro-V)
DIMENSION: 7/16 IN. x 5-3/16 IN. x Random Lengths
WARRANTY: 30 Year Wear Through Finish Warranty
INSTALL METHODS2: Float, Staple, Nail, Glue
CONSTRUCTION: Engineered Wood, Floating floors (engineered)
EDGE PROFILE: Micro Bevel Edges/ Ends?
WHERE INSTALL: On/Above Below Ground Levels
Lauzon offers Maple wood flooring in beautiful naturals as well as the trendiest colors here in their Engineered Flooring Collection. With an incredibly thick wear layer, these engineered selections can be sanded and refinished multiple times over the lifetime of the floor and can be installed in virtually any room of your home. 30 Year Wear Through Finish Warranty.

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Hard Maple Natural Exclusive

Hardwood Flooring HM05M825V

Hard Maple Arabica

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8185V

Hard Maple Carob

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8275V

Hard Maple Azteka

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8T85V

Hard Maple Calypso

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8R85V

Hard Maple Verona

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8T95V

Hard Maple Amaretto

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8K5V

Hard Maple Antique Cherry

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8R5V

Hard Maple Carbone

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8CL5V

Hard Maple Congo

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8CM5V

Hard Maple Sahara

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8H5V

Hard Maple Shadow Gray

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8J25V

Hard Maple Solstice

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8T55V

Hard Maple Fossil

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8EO5V

Hard Maple Titanium Grey

Hardwood Flooring HM05M8J35V

Note: Although we try extremely hard to reproduce the exact flooring colors, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different monitors being used to view the pictures, scan and image quality, etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices.