Red Oak 3-1/4 IN. Wirebrushed by Vintage Hardwood Flooring

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Red Oak 3-1/4 IN. Wirebrushed by Vintage Hardwood Flooring
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SERIES NAME: Red Oak 3-1/4 IN. Wirebrushed
DIMENSION: 3/4 IN. x 3-1/4 IN. x 12-79 IN. Random Lengths (32 IN. average)
WARRANTY: 35 Year Residential Finish Warranty, 3 Year Commercial Finish Warranty, Lifetime Structural Warranty
EDGE PROFILE: Micron - Bevel Edges/ Ends?
WHERE INSTALL: Above/On Ground Levels

The Pioneered Solid Collection from Vintage Flooring: Red Oak.

Red Oak is one of the most popular of the domestic wood species. Red Oak has a traditional wood grain pattern featuring long linear grain in addition to slightly wavy grain. There is slight color variation from board to board. The Wirebrushed surface texture is created by using a wire brush to gently scrape the surface of the planks, accentuating the natural grain patterns of the wood species. Vintage Hardwood Flooring finishes their wirebrushed collections with their special UVF Finish to create a beautiful European looking appearance.


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Red Oak Natural Select-V

Hardwood Flooring 49258

Red Oak Gryphon

Hardwood Flooring 49262

Red Oak Pewter

Hardwood Flooring 49265

Red Oak Titan

Hardwood Flooring 49266

Red Oak Angora

Hardwood Flooring 49259

Red Oak Barista

Hardwood Flooring 50564

Red Oak Dover

Hardwood Flooring 49261

Red Oak Hillside

Hardwood Flooring 50565

Red Oak Oasis

Hardwood Flooring 49263

Red Oak Ophelia

Hardwood Flooring 49264

Red Oak Titanium

Hardwood Flooring 49432

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