BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring


BerryAlloc laminate’s high pressure and direct pressure laminates provide well balanced and stable floors with chip-resistant edges and superior impact resistance. Learn more about High Pressure vs. Direct Pressure here. The BerryAlloc high density fiberboard with wax impregnated edges increases the laminate floor’s impact and water resistance. 

BerryAlloc flooring’s locking systems are constructed to withstand high levels of horizontal and vertical forces and the locking system allows the planks to fit together easily and tightly, no glue necessary.

Technological advances in the laminate industry have led to more realisitc looking laminate floors. With BerryAlloc laminate products, you can choose from a variety of surface textures, creating the exact atmosphere you want!

Manufactured in Norway.

COLLECTION:  BerryAlloc Direct Pressure Laminate Collection

BerryAlloc offers a wide variety of styles and colors created with a Direct Pressure Laminate surface for ultra realism when it comes to visual and texture.