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For over 80 years Hosking Hardwood Flooring has been helping people explore their flooring choices. If you are not already familiar with us please take a moment to read About Us. We carry well-known, 1st Quality Brand Name Flooring that we ourselves use and install every day at Wholesale Pricing saving you up to 70% off Retail pricing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to create havoc with manufacturers and shipping costs we are seeing increasing costs every day making it difficult to update our pricing in a timely manner we recommend calling to confirm pricing prior to ordering.   

All of us have certainly felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s continuing to have lasting repercussions within the flooring industry. It has disrupted the total supply chain. Due to the high demand of products it’s created a shortage. To meet the demand, manufacturers started placing larger orders but now’s there container and worker shortages along with higher material costs that continue to delay expected due in stock timeframes.

If you’re needing your flooring right away, we would suggest that you email us at sales@hoskinghardwood.com to see if these shortages (if any) will affect your time frame.  

We all dislike Terms & Policies and we wish we could run a business with just a handshake but in order to protect both you and us we have a responsibility to post them clearly below. Please remember that we depend on our customers and will do our best to accommodate you for any reasonable requests.

  1. We Guarantee that all the flooring shown on www.hoskinghardwood.com is 1st Quality and is the same flooring you would receive from your local flooring retail store. We do not retail any manufacturers "Liquidations", "2nds", "Rejected" or other inferior runs or brands of flooring. Remember though, that different Manufacturers Brands are not always the same Quality. Click on the question mark on Jeff's Star rating in the product specifications and a description will pop up with our opinion of that particular products quality.  Engineered flooring dimensions are considered "Nominal" which means the exact size may slightly differ in thickness or width from stated sizes due to the manufacturing process.  
  2. By purchasing any product from HoskingHardwood.com you agree to all the terms listed below and that you have clicked on, read and understand our article regarding Customer Expectations which explains important information about wood flooring and our article on Avoiding gaps, cracks in hardwood flooring
  3. Differences in color between boards is common and is part of Nature. Flooring is sold by product name and particular sku #, NOT by batch lot numbers. Manufacturers Flooring purchased may or may not match same flooring you purchased prior. Although we try extremely hard to reproduce the exact flooring colors, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different monitors being used to view the pictures, scan and image quality, etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices. If this is a concern we recommend viewing the flooring locally first or obtaining samples (if avail) prior to ordering. Be advised that small samples may contain one of many colors found in all the floor boards within a floor. Information and descriptions shown on this website are believed to be accurate at time of publishing but due to ever changing conditions above and beyond our control Hosking Hardwood Flooring makes no implied guarantees of its accuracies. When ordering wood flooring you need to add 5-10% to cover a waste factor for boards you may not want to have installed and cutting waste. 
  4. There are few flooring Manufacturers that make their own moldings they are manufactured by other companies that provide that service. Moldings are generic and may not be an exact color match or same wood species to your flooring.  Moldings are sold as a complimentary color to that flooring. We suggest installing particular floorboards that best match the molding color next to where the molding is going to be installed for a gradual color match. Moldings may also have slight design variations and may have to be modified to fit during the installation depending on your particular situation. In cases of availability issues Hosking Hardwood Flooring reserves the right to substitute one brand for another.
  5. It is recommended that you have the flooring professionally installed and NOT install or schedule the flooring to be installed until your whole flooring order is delivered. It is also recommended to bring the flooring into the home as soon as it is delivered and to allow the wood flooring to acclimate for at least 3-7 days prior to it being installed It is also recommended to intermix floorboards from 4-5 cartons at a time during the installation for a better color mix within the floor and allows you to chose boards you may Not want to use. Any flooring that has been installed is deemed accepted by the consumer. Manufacturers warranties require compatibility moisture readings recorded for both your flooring and your subfloor prior to it being installed. Do not store wood flooring in garages or sheds or where temperatures or moisture levels can vary greatly, which may cause the standard moisture levels within the flooring at time of milling to change causing excessive twists and bowing within the boards.
  6. Prices from our Vendors can change frequently and at any time. We reserve the right to not sell the product below our costs. We cannot rebate or honor any possible future lower prices shown days, weeks or months later after an order has been placed.  Due to manufacturers packing restraints wood flooring carton square footage's are calculated as close as possible to stated carton footage's.
  7. Remember Wood Flooring is not a perfect product. If you are very particular, we would suggest that you choose a different floor covering than Real Wood Flooring as wood is a product of Nature which has its own character within the grade chosen and can contain tiny impurities in product milling/finishing. The accepted point of view from which to inspect a wood floor is from a standing position under normal lighting. Looking for minor imperfections on your hands and knees or at a particular light angle is not a valid means of determining acceptance of a hardwood floor. In the rare event you suspect defect(s) within the first 3 cartons of flooring STOP installing the flooring and call us. We will not issue credit for cartons opened after the first 3. You, the consumer will be obligated to e-mail us digital pictures clearly showing the suspected defect(s). If the defect(s) is covered within the manufacturer's warranty, we will ask the distributor/manufacturer to replace the defective piece(s). Remember that 5-10% of your flooring order is expected to be the waste factor. If after viewing the pictures the manufacturer feels that you have no claim and you still feel the claim is valid then we can provide you with a list of independent inspection firms local to you. If in fact the independent inspector finds a warranty covered defect within the flooring, then the manufacturer may at their option reimburse you (reasonable) inspection fees along with material replacement or demand their own inspection.  The claim process can take 1-4 weeks or more before obtaining an answer from the manufacturer. This process is no different than if you purchased the flooring locally.
  8. It is common with hardwood floors for some planks along with moulding(s) to have a slight bow in them. This is not a manufacturing defect. The deflection can be up to 1 inch. Once the floor board or moulding(s) has been interlocked to other flooring and/or stapled or direct glued down, the board(s) will conform and fit normally. It is standard procedure in the flooring industry when gluing down mouldings to place a weight on top holding the moulding in place until the adhesive dries. 
  9. FOR YOUR ONLINE SECURITY and as required by the credit card companies All credit card information you place online with hoskinghardwood.com is sent directly to your credit card companies encrypted processing data base this provides you with the best security for your personal information. Hoskinghardwood.com does not store or collect any credit card information on any of our databases. Due to this High level of security, your credit card is processed for the amount of your order as soon as the order is placed by you.

    PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Most products offered on hoskinghardwood.com take approximate. 3-7 business days to receive but in some rare cases some flooring styles and/or moldings could take 3 weeks or more to receive. If you should be concerned about the availability of any particular product to ship right away call our customer service department at 508-643-0810 where we will check stock prior to you ordering. If the product is not in stock at time of call and you would like to pay for the flooring when it becomes available simply fill out the order online and click the “Pay by Phone” method, call us back and we can take your payment method and apply it when the product comes in. Beware that there may be back orders on these products and they are filled first. It is important that you get on the list by ordering it early. Hosking Hardwood Flooring makes every effort to relay the correct product availability information to you from the information we are given from either our distributors or manufacturers. Due to possible due in date changes to them, Hosking Hardwood Flooring nor its employees make any guarantee availability of dates will be correct, do not plan your installation date until the flooring and any accessories has been delivered to you.

  10. Order cancellations after the order has been shipped to you or a refusal to accept delivery are charged a 30% restocking charge (charged to us by our distributors). You the consumer (purchaser) will be responsible for all incurred shipping charges to ship the material back to either us or our distributors. Due to our possibly paying more than the shown shipping rates on our website, you would be responsible for the actual shipping costs for your order.  A return authorization number will be required from us. Any returned orders not having a return authorization number will be refused by us and the product will be shipped back to you at your own expense. Since Owens Plank Flooring is Custom manufactured for You there are No cancellations after your order has been placed.  
  11. Order cancellations: Orders that have been placed by us for you directly with the Manufacturer, Distributor that are in transit to be shipped to you, will be charged a 30% restocking charge plus any incurred delivery charges they charge us. Owens Plank Flooring is custom made for you and cannot be canceled once order has been placed. Moldings are custom ordered in for you and are usually shipped with the flooring but in rare occasions may arrive at a later date, moldings cannot be canceled or returned for refund.
  12. There is a minimum order of 5 cartons unless otherwise stated. If customers do not purchase enough cartons and wish to receive an additional 4 or less will incur a handling fee of $75.00 plus any actual shipping costs. This must be done through customer service.
  13. Some of our flooring products are offered with free shipping, if you return one of these products the actual shipping and handling costs will be deducted from your refund.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Service Department at 508-643-0810 Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5PM EST.

Payment Policies

Flooring and shipping costs are to be prepaid at time of order. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, personal checks, money orders and wire transfers. Personal or business checks sent will require processing time before shipments are sent (usually 1-7 days).


Return Policies

In the rare event you should change your mind after receiving a delivery of flooring, we offer a full refund less a 30% restocking charge and actual shipping and handling costs. We MUST be notified no later than 14 days from date of delivery. Opened cartons, Special orders, Discontinued flooring or Custom milled hardwood flooring orders cannot be returned.

For Returns, including overage returns these Steps MUST be followed:

  • You must notify us within the first 14 days to receive a "Return Authorization Number". Any merchandise returned without the proper authorization provided by us will be refused. If you refuse to accept the delivery of the material and it is shipped back to us, you will incur a 30% restocking charge plus actual shipping costs.
  • We can only take back 4 or more full, unopened and undamaged cartons. (Its recommended keeping a carton or two in case you need to make repairs in the future). You must return the unopened cartons insured for product value in the original freight packaging and enclose with it the return authorization number we issued you to the address we specify. Since the cartons that you return are resold, they cannot have any writing, duct tape or mailing labels adhered on the cartons.
  • We do not accept returns on moldings or accessories, such as underlayment padding, glue and adhesives. Moldings are generic and may not be an exact match to your flooring color, moldings are sold as a complementary color.

Once we receive the return and confirm that all the above conditions have been met, we will issue credit to your account. The value of any missing items will be deducted from the credit amount of a return. Always insure your shipment for the value of the product. Certain products may require the manufacturer's inspection first before credit is allowed. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your bank to process the credit.

Shipping Policies

When your order is shipped we e-mail you with a freight bill number along with the customer service number for the Freight Company. With this information provided you simply call and make arrangements for delivery. Shipping time is usually between 3-7 business days. Delivery is Curbside (end of driveway) where the cartons of flooring are handed down to you.  In rare cases where delivery may be in a very rural or congested area that the freight company may not be able to get their truck into, you may have to pick up your order at the freight terminal. The freight company may offer a service at an additional cost directly paid by you to them where they can sub-contract the delivery out to a smaller local trucking company to deliver to you. Hosking Hardwood Flooring is only responsible to get the order to the terminal nearest to your location.

The Freight company may charge you a re-delivery charge for any prior arranged deliveries made with them by (you) the purchaser who failed to meet them at the delivery location.?

Freight Company policies - IMPORTANT MUST READ!

Freight Companies have certain terms and conditions, which we all have to abide by. Hosking Hardwood Flooring has partnered with the very best freight carriers and these companies have high quality control standards. Claims are a rarity and our customers find these carriers to be extremely helpful with deliveries.

Someone MUST be there to accept the delivery and it is your responsibility to bring the flooring into the home. Freight Company Drivers will only cut the band strips that hold the cartons to the pallet and hand you down the cartons from the back of the truck. Any optional arrangements for any lift gate or inside home delivery service including costs should be asked for and paid for by you when you call them to arrange for delivery.

Whoever accepts the delivery MUST check the outside of the cartons for proper quantity and correct item numbers before signing for the order. If you should have any questions, before or during your delivery, please contact our Customer Service Dept. at 508-643-0810.


Never Refuse a Delivery... Your flooring is shipped Insured- If you receive an order with damaged material do not simply refuse the order. Each order is made up of individual cartons that may not be damaged. Accepting a delivery is the fastest method of us replacing the damaged material for you.  If you refuse an order and it is returned to us you will be charged a 30% restocking fee for any undamaged cartons of flooring or material, plus shipping costs. 


Occasionally, at the time of delivery you may find a scuffed, ripped, or torn carton that is protecting the flooring, this has no effect on the finished flooring and is not considered damage. It is also possible, from time to time to receive carton(s) of flooring that have minor freight damage to one or two sections of a few boards within a carton of perfectly good ones. Please be reasonable and see if the minor damage can be cut off the portion of the board during installation cutting and fitting so the majority of the board is usable. If a greater percent of the boards within a carton are damaged then you should put all of the damaged boards together and combine them to create a single carton(s) of solely damaged product to be claimed as damaged freight. A single damaged piece or two does not warrant the entire carton of flooring to be discarded. REMEMBER TO MAKE IT NOTED ON THE DRIVERS DELIVERY RECEIPT AT TIME OF DELIVERY THAT THERE ARE DAMAGED CARTONS OR ITEMS.

If you should have any questions, before or during your delivery, please contact our Customer Service Dept. at 508-643-0810.


Warranty Issues

If your flooring is sold with a warranty, you will be covered for anything that may arise within and under the guidelines of that particular manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers warranties DO NOT cover - damage caused by improper maintenance, water damage, damage to the flooring caused by abnormal environmental issues such as higher or lower than normal moisture conditions causing buckling, cupping or contraction within the wood, improper installation or indentation damage (including spiked heels), scratching or any damage caused by items being dropped, rolled or dragged on the flooring. Wood Flooring is a product of Nature and can contain tiny impurities in product milling/finishing.

Warranties do not cover color changes or fading within the floor which is caused by direct light coming in from windows and/or natural aging. Area rugs should be shifted periodically to avoid a pronounced shade line imprint. To help reduce this color change we recommend using directional mini blinds to direct the sunlight upwards off the flooring and furniture.

All wood flooring should be acclimated to its new environment for 3-7 days or more prior to it being installed along with proper moisture testing for compatibility between the subfloor and the new flooring. The homes Relative Humidity level must be maintained during the floorings acclimation time and after the flooring has been installed at between 30-50% or what the particular manufacturer recommends in their warranty and installation instructions via their website. Running mechanical humidification or dehumidification during seasonal RH changes will help maintain the recommended RH levels and stability within the wood planks. 

Since most problems with flooring are a result of improper maintenance, installation and/or poor existing jobsite conditions which are not covered in the warranty. Manufacturers require the purchaser to hire a independent certified flooring inspector to first evaluate any warranty claim. If the problem falls within the scope of that particular manufacturers warranty reasonable inspection costs may be paid by the manufacturer.  Manufacturers also reserve the right to reject any report and hire their own inspection service to evaluate the flooring.

Differences in color between boards is common and is part of Nature. Flooring is sold by product name and particular sku #, NOT by batch lot numbers. Manufacturers flooring purchased may or may not match same flooring you purchased month(s) ago. Any flooring that has been installed is deemed accepted by the consumer. Please see our Floor care section of this web site for proper care of your new Hardwood floor. Any claim or litigation concerning the quality, performance or the intended use of the wood flooring purchased by you is to be directed to the manufacturer of the flooring. Hoskinghardwood.com only commitment is to act as a liaison for recording the claim to the respected distributor/manufacturer for review. Hosking Hardwood Flooring Inc. (www.hoskinghardwood.com) does not manufacturer any wood flooring and makes no other implied or expressed warranties. Modifications to our terms and policies page and our products may be updated at any time.


Neither Hosking Hardwood Flooring Inc. nor FloorSpecials.com make any representation about the suitability of any of the materials shown on this website for any purpose.  Other than the stated manufacturer's warranty that may apply all such material are provided as is without warranty and any kind, express or implied.  Hosking Hardwood Flooring and FloorSpecials.com specifically disclaim all warranties and conditions of any kind including any implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, and/or fitness for a particular purpose.  Hosking Hardwood and FloorSpecials.com will not have any liability or responsibility for errors in specifications written within the content of this site or any other damage you may incur in connection with this site.  Your use of this site is at your own risk.  Hosking Hardwood Flooring Inc. or FloorSpecials.com, or its affiliates, agents or employees will not be liable for any direct indirect, punitive, incidental consequential damages arising out of any use in any way or in any way connected with the use of this website.  By purchasing any product from this site it is agreed that any litigation concerning the quality or any possible damage that may occur from the use of this flooring be litigated in Bristol County MA. Some states and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

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