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SERIES NAME: Hardwood Floor Cleaning Products
PRODUCT NAME: Bona Kemi Automatic Spray Mop Kit
PRODUCT SKU: WM710013348
COVERAGE:  1.00   Kit
Bona Kemi offers a premium hardwood flooring cleaning mop with this durable, high quality microfiber cleaning tool. With a cleaning formula which is safe for finished hardwood flooring and no dulling residue left behind, this automatic spray mop is quick and easy to use!

This Bona Kemi kit includes a Microfiber Mop and 1 Bona Hardwood Refill Cartridge.

With just the press of a button this mop will automatic spray a mist of the premium Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Cleaner, allowing for easy and fast cleaning of any hardwood floor in your home. This mop is perfect for busy homeowners looking for simplicity in their everyday cleaning needs!

Can also be used with the Bona Kemi Stone, Tile & Laminate Refill Cartridge for tough cleaning of other hard surface flooring.