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BRAND NAME: Squeaky Floor Repair
SERIES NAME: Squeak Relief Joist Repair System Contractor Pack
PRODUCT NAME: Squeak Relief Joist Repair System Contractor Pack 12ct.
COVERAGE:  1.00   Pkg.
This innovative ridged bracket system is screwed to your wood floor joists from below which will pull the loose subfloor above tight to the joists eliminating the squeaking in the floor above. For use under Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Ceramic and Vinyl flooring. Each package contains 12 brackets and required screws. Joist Subfloor Squeak Relief. Fixing loose and squeaky subfloors takes just a minute with Squeak Relief. Steps for use: 1. Determine where the squeak is in the subfloor and insert the bracket next to the joist below. 2. Tap the Quick-tak brace pin into place to ensure a tight staying fit. 3. Screw in the two screws (using the shorter one first), and you're done. **This system can only be used in situations where you have access to the floor joists from underneath the subfloor.**