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BRAND NAME: Underlayment
SERIES NAME: Underlayments
PRODUCT NAME: 15 lb. Felt Paper (Staple/Nail)
COVERAGE:  1.00   Roll
This hardwood floor underlayment passes the stringent requirements of California’s Section 01350 Indoor Air Quality emissions standard. With little or no asphalt rub-off or odor and effective Class III moisture vapor retarder designed for optimum performance in wood flooring applications. It helps create a buffer for noise transmission along with slowing seasonal moisture vapor changes originating below the floor system, allowing the wood flooring to acclimate gradually to changes in interior environmental conditions. By reducing the rate of moisture migration during seasonal changes it helps protect the hardwood flooring against moisture vapor transmission from below which can create related floor problems such as buckling, cupping or cracking. As a permeable material, this underlayment does not trap moisture condensation between it and the sub-floor, which can happen with poly films and other vapor retarders. Simply unroll onto the subfloor parallel with the wood flooring overlapping the seams 4-6 inches and nail the flooring down over it. Covers 432sf