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BRAND NAME: Underlayment
SERIES NAME: Underlayments
PRODUCT NAME: Cork Underlayment 6mm (1/4" thick)
COVERAGE:  1.00   Roll
1/4” (6mm) Thick x 200 sf Roll. Cork is an Optional underlayment primarily used under any floating floors to reduce and deaden sound transfer. It can be loose layed directly or spot glued to the concrete or wood subfloor using any quality wood flooring adhesive Or tacked down flat. The floating floor is then installed over it without needing any other foam pad. The 1/4 inch thick cork has twice the sound control as the 1/8 inch thick cork underlayment. Butt and duck tape seams. Note: Does not contain moisture barrier. JEFF'S INSTALLATION TIP: For added insurance protection against possible excess moisture (in addition to the cork), you may also want to first lay a 4-6 mil plastic sheet on top of cement slabs only, taping all joints with duct tape.