Choosing The Right Wood Flooring

By Jeff Hosking – Hosking Hardwood Flooring Inc.
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  Overwhelmed with all the styles of hardwood flooring we offer? 

Simply answer the 8 questions below, click search and we will narrow
down the list of styles based on your specifications.

Questions are optional but the more information you can check off the
  more we can narrow down your selections.

(Clicking on the  marks will give you important Tips regarding that question)

1) Select a Color Tone: ?

Light Browns
Golden Browns
Medium Browns
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Dark Browns

2) Choose a board thickness: ?

3) Choose a board width: ?

4) Choose a wood floor Construction type: ?

5) Where in your home is the wood flooring going to be installed? ?

6) Choose a Wood Specie: ?

7) Is this Flooring going to be installed over Radiant Heat?: ?

8) Choose a Square Foot Price Range: ?