Natural Creations ArborArt by Armstrong LVT & Rigid Core Flooring

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Natural Creations ArborArt by Armstrong LVT & Rigid Core Flooring
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SERIES NAME: Natural Creations ArborArt
DIMENSION: .125 IN. (3.2mm) x 6 IN. x 36 IN.
WARRANTY: 20 Year Commercial Warranty
CAN INSTALL: On/Above Below Ground Levels

Luxurious and inviting, Natural Creations ArborArt draws you in, greeting you with warmth while establishing character in any space. This popular collection features a variety of classic grain patterns, rustic finishes, and unique wood-inspired designs.

Natural Creations features patented Diamond 10 Technology. Diamond 10 Technology is a revolutionary, innovation that uses cultured diamonds — with all the properties of real diamonds — to provide the ultimate in scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. With Diamond 10 Technology, you’ll never compromise the look you want for the durability you need.

Armstrong Flooring is primarily a domestic manufacturer, with five plants across the USA producing flooring from global and domestic content.


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Avila Oak Madrid Grey

Vinyl Flooring NA194

Avila Oak Moroccan Sand

Vinyl Flooring NA190

Avila Oak Peruvian Cocoa

Vinyl Flooring NA192

Avila Oak Vienna Smoke

Vinyl Flooring NA193

Avila Oak Warm Capri

Vinyl Flooring NA191

Solano Maple Brown Sugar

Vinyl Flooring NA172

Solano Maple Honeysuckle

Vinyl Flooring NA170

Solano Maple Sweet Sap

Vinyl Flooring NA171

Walnut Brunette

Vinyl Flooring NA231

Note: Although we try extremely hard to reproduce the exact flooring colors, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different monitors being used to view the pictures, scan and image quality, etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices.