Woodhills Waterproof Wood Flooring by MSI by MSI Everlife Luxury Vinyl

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Woodhills Waterproof Wood Flooring by MSI by MSI Everlife Luxury Vinyl
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SERIES NAME: Woodhills Waterproof Wood Flooring by MSI
DIMENSION: 7mm x 6-1/2 IN. x 24 to 48 IN. Random Lengths
WARRANTY: Lifetime Residential Finish Warranty, 20 Year Light Commercial Finish Warranty, 15 Year Commercial Finish Warranty
CAN INSTALL: On/Above Below Ground Levels
Enhance your space with the beauty and luxury of natural wood flooring with the Woodhills Collection. The series features a genuine wood top, hand-selected and scraped for the look and feel of top-range wood. Available in 11 colors with a 6-1/2 IN. width and variable-length planks (24 to 48 IN.), showcasing the rich and natural aesthetic of hand-select wood flooring, the series is 100% waterproof, so it will last for years to come. Click on a color below to check stock or get a quick online price and full quote!

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Aaron Blonde Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWAARBLO6.5X48-7MM

Aura Gold Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWAURGOL6.5X48-7MM

Bali Buff Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWBALBUF6.5X48-7MM

Brook Timber Hickory

Vinyl Flooring VTWBROTIM6.5X48-7MM

Chestnut Heights Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWCHEHEI6.5X48-7MM

Coral Ash

Vinyl Flooring VTWCORASH6.5X48-7MM

Dorn Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWDOROAK6.5X48-7MM

Estate Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWESTOAK6.5X48-7MM

Kings Buff Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWKINBUF6.5X48-7MM

Liora Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWLIORA6.5X48-7MM

Moorville Oak

Vinyl Flooring VTWMOORVI6.5X48-7MM

Note: Although we try extremely hard to reproduce the exact flooring colors, the colors shown may vary in color from the actual flooring. This is due to different monitors being used to view the pictures, scan and image quality, etc. Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices.