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This page brings together and highlights a lot of the best-selling Traditional Red Oak and Maple hardwood flooring collections on our site. Simply scroll down and click on any manufacturer that you would like more information on.

Here we have listed some of the very best collections of traditional domestic wood species like Oak, Maple, Yellow Birch and more. Solid Oak and Maple floors are perfect for more traditional room settings, as these were the wood species used since the turn of the century and today. 


Bruce Solid Dundee Collection

Perhaps one of the most well known solid Red Oak Collections in the world of hardwood flooring is the Dundee Collection from Bruce Hardwood Flooring. It's been around forever and seen other hardwood flooring trends come and go. The Dundee Collection, however, is a staple in the industry. With it's micro-beveled edges and square ends, the Bruce Dundee format accentuates the natural Red Oak graining in each plank. Dundee is also famous for it's high gloss sheen, exuding elegance and style. This is a solid hardwood floor Red Oak Collection, suitable for On or Above Grade installations. Dundee is finished with the Bruce Dura-Luster Plus Urethane is is offered with a 50 Year Residential Finish Warranty.

Opt for Natural Red Oak, or choose from a variety of stain colors. Bruce offers this popular Dundee Collection in sizes suitable for any need: 2-1/4 IN. Strip, 3-1/4 IN. Plank, 4 IN. Plank or 5 IN. Plank. These different sizes can be mixed for a random width overall visual, creating a true one of kind experience in your home. Made in the USA.


Bruce Solid Kennedale Collection

Like the Bruce Dundee Collection for Red Oak hardwood flooring, the Kennedale Collection of solid Maple hardwood flooring has been around for a long, long time and doesn't show signs of going anywhere anytime soon. 

Bruce first introduced this popular Maple Solid Collection with a very traditional and very narrow 2-1/4 IN. Kennedale Maple Strip and a slightly wider version, the 3-1/4 IN. Kennedale Maple Prestige Plank. But the people wanted more! Soon home floor decor started trending wider, so the 4 IN. Kennedale Maple Prestige Plank and the 5 IN. Kennedale Maple Prestige Plank were welcomed into the family. These wide planks offer a more casual appearance, but also offer a wider surface area to view the true beauty of the maple wood species. The color variation and slight graining really come alive on these wider planks, creating a beautiful mosaic in your home. These solid Maple collections from Bruce are covered by the Bruce 50 Year Residential Finish Warranty and are all Made in the USA.

Somerset Specialty Collection

Another notable collection Made in the USA is the Somerset Specialty Collection. This is where you will find a classic Maple look in an engineered construction that can go virtually anywhere in your home. Somerset cuts their engineered wear layers just like they would for a solid hardwood and they call it SolidPlus. So you get the visual of a solid hardwood construction but with all the benefits of an engineered construction. 

Find the Maple Natural show above in the Somerset Specialty 3-1/4 IN. Collection or go a little wider with the Somerset Specialty 5 IN. Collection. Somerset also offers a variety of other stain colors on Maple in these Specialty Collection, including some Hickory wood species options. The Somerset SolidPlus engineered options feature a 3mm wear layer -- so if it's ever needed in the future, you can have these engineered floors sanded and refinished. Somerset also ensures a lifetime of beauty by offering the Specialty Collection with a 50 Year Residential Finish Warranty. 


Somerset Color Collection

Of course, Somerset also offers an Oak Collection in their catalogue of hardwood flooring. They call it the Color Collection and there are a lot of options, from board widths to constructions to stain colors available -- there really is something for every decor and for every room of your home. The 2-1/4 IN. solid strip will be the most narrow board and is reminiscent of traditional visuals. The wider you go, the more casual of an ambiance you'll be supporting. The 3-1/4 IN. Solid Color Collection is very popular, as it's width isn't too constricting but also not too overpowering in average to smaller rooms. The 4 IN. Solid Color Collection Plank and the 5 IN. Solid Color Collection Plank introduce a more fun version of the traditional Oak floor. 

But wait -- there's more! Somerset also offers their flagship Color Collection in a SolidPlus engineered construction in both a 3-1/4 IN. Color Collection Engineered and a 5 IN. Color Collection Engineered. You could, potentially, dress your house head to toe in Made in the USA Somerset Red Oak Flooring and be covered by the Somerset 50 Year Residential Finish Warranty. 


Kahrs Click Locking Red Oak Nature

Maybe you're looking for a hardwood flooring product that can be installed quickly and easily -- maybe even a DIY project? Kahrs has what you're looking for with their Red Oak Nature. Red Oak Nature is a middle grade (typically pretty clean but may have minor color variations and graining/knots here and there), 3-strip floor that clicks together over a pad with no glue, nails or staples involved. This Red Oak Nature is part of the Kahrs Tres Collection and is offered in a Matte sheen. Matte sheens are great for concealing wear and tear throughout the years. The shinier a floor is, the more you'll be able to notice small scratches or dents in the surface of the hardwood. 


Kahrs Click Locking Maple Toronto

Similar to the Red Oak Nature from Kahrs shown above is the 3-Strip Maple Toronto. This is a click locking engineered construction, so easy install with no messy glue involved. Just roll out a Kahrs underlayment and click the planks together over it. This smooth Maple Nature floor can be installed Below, On or Above Grade, so it's perfect for pretty much any room in your home. The Matte finish helps to conceal every day wear and the square edges and ends creates a seamless look. 


Lauzon Decor Collection

Lauzon is a premium manufacturer of prefinished hardwood flooring based out of Canada. They are known for their exquisite milling practices and attention to detail. They, of course, offer a multitude of Maple Natural and Red Oak Natural options. We love the Lauzon Decor Series, which offers both a Solid Collection of Maple floors and an EXPERT Engineered Collection of Maple floors (3/4 IN. thick engineered) in a variety of widths. Shown below in Maple Natural and below that in Red Oak Natural.

You can find Decor Series from Lauzon Red Oak options in a Solid 3-1/4 IN. Red Oak Collection and a Solid 4-1/4 IN. Red Oak Collection. The Decor Series EXPERT Engineered is also a great option to consider as it gives you the total thickness (3/4 IN.) of a traditional solid hardwood floor, but with all the benefits of an engineered, which can withstand a greater range of Relative Humidity so it can be installed Below Grade (finished basements) as well as throughout the rest of your home. Lauzon offers Red Oak options in a 3-1/8 IN. EXPERT Engineered Red Oak Collection, a 4-1/8 IN. EXPERT Engineered Red Oak Collection and a 5-3/16 IN. EXPERT Engineered Red Oak Collection

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