Shaw Hardwood Floors

Shaw Industries has been producing quality floor coverings for over 40 years. The Shaw Hardwood line is one of their most extensive of their creations, truly offering something for every style. From traditional smooth hardwoods to subtle wirebrushed textures to heavy scraped options, Shaw Hardwoods has created a full portfolio of styles, stain colors and constructions. 

Perhaps one of the most innovative introductions to the Shaw Hardwoods line has been their ScufResist Platinum Finish. ScufResist Platinum actually helps your hardwood flooring look new longer, resisting every day normal wear and tear, so you don't constantly need to be worrying about living on your floor. 

Homeowners tend to prefer Shaw Hardwoods over other hardwood manufacturers because they produce most of their hardwood flooring products here in the United States. Shaw also takes the environment into consideration, using responsible procurement policies and even creating solid composite lines of hardwood flooring, made with 100% mill by products.

COLLECTION:  Shaw Hardwood Flooring - Wirebrushed Floors

Wirebrushed hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular because they celebrate the beautiful grain patterns of the natural wood species. A wire brush is used during production to scrape the softest parts of the surface off of the board. This really works to enhance the grain and add a bit of texture to your hardwood floor without having to choose a full out hand scraped option. Shaw offers many different collections with this beautiful wire brushed texture in a variety of widths. 


Solid Wood Construction:

Engineered Wood Construction:

Click-Loc Construction:

COLLECTION:  Shaw Hardwood Flooring - Distressed Floors

Distressed hardwood flooring has an incredible lived in feel. Blackened edges, burns and worm holes accentuate the distressed surface of the floor and create a really interesting, one of a kind piece in your home. These hardwood collections from Shaw Hardwood Flooring are available in a range of widths and will add the perfect amount of character to any room in your home.


Engineered Wood Construction: